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Updates #36

Updates #36

1) Article: Ong: Rail service to remote areas to be upgraded (The Star) – Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat comments on plans to upgrade rural rail services especially the double tracking & electrification of rail on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

2) Article: 43 families hit by rail project to receive compensation (The Star) – Additional squatter families affected by the double tracking project will receive government compensation.

3) Article: National library to expand reading campaign to bus stations (The Star) – the National Library plans to expand the “reading corner” launched on KTM Trains on Dec 7, to include bus stations. You may also wish to read this article, Plan for books at bus stops (The Star).

4) Article:Group wants Batu Caves funicular train back on track (The Star) – Damai Disabled Persons Association is calling for more attention to the proposal for a funicular train at the Batu Caves complex.

[TRANSIT: It is a logical and sensible idea, especially since the fully accessible Sentul-Batu Caves extension will be opened soon. The DBKL, temple committee and MPs should ensure the accessibility from the train line up to the temple complex and up to the caves themselves.]

5) Article: Trip to buy ais kacang turned fatal (The Star) – a tragic story of a young girl hit by a Komuter train near Klang.

[TRANSIT: As always, we remind you to stay away from train tracks. You cannot hear the trains and the trains cannot stop for you!]

6) Article: New river taxis to be made of fibreglass (NST) – information about the new river taxi service to be offered in Kuching.

7) Article: End of free train rides for students in NY (The Star) – New York columnist Lim Ai Lee comments on the move to charge fares for public school students using public transport in New York after major funding cuts and layoffs.

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