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TRANSIT submits feedback on proposed LRT extensions on 14 December (Update 1)

  • Update 1: Updated with our submission

Dear Editor

For Immediate Release – TRANSIT Submits feedback on proposed LRT Extensions to Director General, Department of Railways

The members of the Association for the Improvement of Mass-Transit (TRANSIT) will submit our feedback on the proposed LRT extensions to the Director General of the Department of Railways at 11:00 am on 14 December 2009.

The location for the submission will be at:

Department of Railways
13th Floor, Menara Dayabumi
Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Tel: 03-2278-1222
Fax: 03-2272-1900

This will be followed by a conference with the media. Copies of a summary of the submission will be distributed.

For further information, please contact TRANSIT at 012-248-3330 or A copy of this statement has been posted to TRANSIT website at

Kind Regards

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT


ph. 012-248-3330


TRANSIT’s Submission on the Proposed Railways Scheme for the extension of the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT lines to Putra Heights



The Association for the Improvement of Mass-Transit will submit a copy of their feedback on the proposed Railways Scheme for the extension of the Ampang LRT Line (LRT Sistem 1) and Kelana Jaya LRT Line (LRT Sistem 2) from their current terminals to a new integrated terminal in Putra Heights.

We hope that this feedback will convey to the Director General of Railways and the Minister of Transport that TRANSIT is extremely concerned about the planning of public transport in the Klang Valley.

TRANSIT raises its concern about the current language of the Railways Act 1991, which treats all forms of railways as the same.  TRANSIT believes that there are significant differences between an urban mass-transit railway and a rural or intercity railway and that the Railways Act 1991 or future Public Land Transport Act 2010 (SPAD Act) should identify and define these differences.

In our submission, TRANSIT also questions why the proposed railways scheme is different from the Selangor Structural Plan (2006). Although TRANSIT recognizes that the Federal government has the responsibility to regulate transport (including public transport), the State Governments have a significant role to play with respect to the planning and land use associated with that transport.

TRANSIT also questions whether a complete public transport planning study and economic feasibility study were conducted for these proposed lines.  If these studies were conducted, why where they not made public?

We are aware that a survey of residents was conducted in 2007 and wish to know why the results were not made public.

TRANSIT also believes that the language of the Railways Act 1991 does encourage the Director General of Railways and the Minister of Transport to direct the Railway company to submit further information to them or to the public regarding the railways scheme.

TRANSIT asks the Director General of Railways and the Minister of Transport to play a more proactive role in the planning of public transport and Railways Schemes by directing their officers to improve the structure of the public display and directing Railway Companies to make public all studies related the planning and analysis of their Railway Schemes.

4 replies on “TRANSIT submits feedback on proposed LRT extensions on 14 December (Update 1)”

Your posting is highly imbalanced and smells of a rat. Why only highlight the opposition by one or two residents? I know of hundreds of Putra Heights residents who wants the LRT into the area.

I for one, have given my feedback on the line and happy that at least the government is listening. It’s a start, and yes, its not perfect, but I am sure they will improve.

So please, stop acting like you know everything, because you don’t, okay?


Thanks for the message.

Hundreds of Putra Heights residents were not present at the Department of Railways on December 14. But that group was present with over 1000 feedback forms.

We are happy that you support the LRT extension and that you have shared your feedback with the government. And we are happy that you are confident that Prasarana and the Malaysian government have your interests in mind.

But we at TRANSIT would like to see the evidence of a feasibility study & public transport planning study before we can share that confidence.

It’s not too much for the public to ask their government to show that they have done their homework before committing RM 7billion of public money to a mega-project.

Again, thank you for your comment.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi TRANSIT, while there some residents object the LRT extension to their area, many residents in other areas want it bad. The north area of KL tmn wahyu up to Rawang, Selayang, Batu Caves always congested during peak hour. Buses are unreliable. Our precious time is wasted on the road. Having LRT station will really ease our mobility to city center particularly to “Golden Triangle”. .
I read there is some proposed LRT extension from sentul to taman wahyu in KL structure plan 2020. BUt i think this wont be materialized before 2020 with our country current ‘progress” in this MRT. project….. Its too slow….
So, residents in this area can only dream. those who object, if they don’t need and prefer to use their own means transport, reconsider to extense the LRT to North Of KL…
North KL seem to be left out…..

As always in our Malaysian Culture, ‘We always talk big. most of the time about promises/plans. at end, things not materialized or it take ages to be completed….”

TQ for your feedback. You are correct that areas to the north of KL have been neglected for some time.

We would like to see more public transport using the DUKE expressway to go from Ampang to Jalan Duta, as well as the NKVE from Jalan Duta to KL.

You are correct that there needs to be better LRT service…but TRANSIT believes that the first thing to do is to get a complete network of reliable bus services, before investing billions of RM on LRT.

Once the network is reliable, we can expand into LRT as needed, while still having service available.

As always, your comments are welcome.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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