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KTM Update: Handover ceremony & display of KTMB’s new ETS train (Update 1)

Updated with a press statement from TRANSIT (at the bottom of this posting)

The people at KTM have graciously invited TRANSIT to attend the acceptance ceremony for the new ETS train at Kuala Lumpur station on 15 December 2009.

An ETS train at the marshalling yard, before being loaded onto a container ship, before it leaves Korea. Image courtesy of ROTEM

The ceremony takes place from 9:00 am – 12:00 am but the train will remain at Kuala Lumpur station until 5 pm for visitors. So make a date to come see the first of KTMB’s new trains.

Majlis Penerimaan ETS
Stesen Kuala Lumpur
15 Disember 2009

9.15 pagi  – Ketibaan Jemputan / Ketibaan wakil media
9.30 pagi  – Ketibaan Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia

YB. Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat

9.35 pagi  – Ucapan aluan oleh Pengerusi KTM Berhad

YB. Dato’ Sri Ir Mohd Zin Mohamed

9.40 pagi Ucapan oleh Duta Jepun

His Excellency Masahiko Horie

9.45 pagi  – Ucapan perasmian oleh Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia

YB. Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat

9.55 pagi  – Jemputan untuk gimik penerimaan
10.10 pagi  – Sesi fotografi di dalam & di luar tren
10.20 pagi  – Penyampaian cenderahati kepada Menteri Pengangkutan
10.35 pagi  – Sidang Media
11.00 pagi  – Jamuan ringan
11.30 pagi  – majlis bersurai


We know the problems that passengers are facing with regards to KTM Komuter service. We have heard the complaints about KTMB employees and the maintenance of the trains etc.

But we at TRANSIT also know that there are many dedicated & hard working employees at KTMB. Perhaps we should take a moment to realize that.

The acceptance of the new train means a lot to KTMB and the employees and we at TRANSIT wish to support this.

And we will continue to express our thoughts and feelings about KTMB and KTM Komuter service and how it can be improved. But for a few moments on December 15, we will just take a moment and take some photos and share in a positive public transport experience.


The Association for the Improvement of Mass-Transit (TRANSIT) would like to express our congratulations to the staff and management of Kereta api Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) on the handover of the new Express Train Service (ETS) trainset, which is taking place on 15 December 2009 at Kuala Lumpur Station.

TRANSIT thanks KTMB for their gracious invitation to handover ceremony.

The public and the media know that there are prolonged and continued issues with KTM’s Komuter service, but we would like to stop for a moment and share a positive experience in the arrival of this new train.

At the same time, TRANSIT implores the government of Malaysia, especially the Prime Minister, Minister of Transport, and public servants to bring forward a real vision for the improvement of KTM Intercity and Komuter service as part of a complete, integrated public transport system that serves the whole of Peninsular Malaysia.

TRANSIT hopes that the government will focus less on megaprojects and focus more on improving existing public transport services. That means introducing the Klang Valley Transport Council to improve the transport network (including public transport) in the Klang Valley, as well as other Transport Councils for major urban regions like Penang (Georgetown & Butterworth), the Iskandar Region (Johor Baru), the East Coast (From Kuala Terengganu to Kemaman and Kuantan), and the individual states.

TRANSIT also wants to see new trains for KTM, new buses for Rapid, etc. But before that happens, we need a coordinated improvement to the way our public transport services are organized and managed.

TRANSIT hopes to see an improvement to the frequency of KTM Komuter service to 5-7 minutes during peak period and daytime and 7-12 minutes off-peak through the following initiatives:

  • Construction of the vital Port Klang/Serendah Bypass to remove freight rail from the Klang Valley;
  • Expansion of the KTM Komuter fleet by 30 EMU trainsets (these trains need to be purchased now in order to arrive by the end of 2013) and a further 20 trainsets (hopefully to arrive by the end of 2015);
  • Expansion of the KTM Komuter fleet by refurbishing the existing fleet of trainsets;
  • Introducing a high frequency Komuter service (Komuter Laju) between Sg. Buloh & Kajang
  • Expansion of the ETS fleet with the purchase of an additional 5 EMU Trainsets to arrive by 2013 (not the original order but a new order of trainsets;
  • Extension of the ETS service to Butterworth (Penang Sentral) by 2014;
  • Komuter Utara service from Nibong Tebal to Butterworth and Sg. Petaniby 2014 or 2015;
  • Komuter Selatan service in the Iskandar Development Region and Johor Baru by 2015 or 2016;
  • Komuter Timur service linking Kuala Terengganu to Kemaman and Kuantan by 2014.

TRANSIT believes that the government of Malaysia must continue to invest in the railway system and high-speed rail connecting our cities, as well as improving connections between our main urban areas and surrounding communities.

Investment in KTM is vital for our nation because the KTM railway is the backbone of transport in Peninsular Malaysia.

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