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Courtesy on public transport – Part I

We at TRANSIT are big on courtesy. It helps make the public transport experience more friendly and enjoyable.

While the operators have made some effort towards encouraging courtesy, we feel that there is a lot more that can be done.

Yes, giving up seats is nice. But there are so many other negative behaviours that we need to deal with.

The Tokyo Metro has come up with a very creative monthly poster campaign to encourage courteous behaviour on the trains. We particularly like the poster below as we see this often in the Klang Valley.

Tokyo Metro courtesy poster. Image courtesy of Tokyo Metro Corp.

What are your pet peeves on public transport?

3 replies on “Courtesy on public transport – Part I”

hi, i am staying in Jinjang Utara. They are alot of buses but during saturdays…… no bus at all……. if got also they wont take us said waktu rehat……… then how cum we all wan go for work…..????? last week i waited at 6.30pm to 8pm there no rapid bas u222 at all as i am using monthly pass……really make me mad…… if this continue i will report to the star newspaper as my uncle is working over there…… please take an immediately action.

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