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Who you gonna call? KTM!

This short letter in the Sun today highlighted a way that we can participate in improving the quality of KTM service. Just give them a call.

Try KTM hotline for results

those using KTM Komuter to save its hotline number, 03-22671200, in their handphones. They can call this hotline when:

» The train is late and there’s no announcement. I’ve done this few times. And each time, right after I call, I hear the announcement. This usually happens at stations other than KL Sentral.

» There’re some thoughtless people smoking on the platform. KTM will usually deploy policemen five minutes after the call. Happens at smaller stations.

» The counter is closed and there are no KTM staff around. You are then forced to buy the ticket from a machine which refuses to accept money.

» The queue looks like it will never end

Vivi Sidik
Via email


We are thankful to Vivi for her email – so thankful that we have devoted a whole post to this letter.

Help KTM and help public transport. Yes, it is not going to solve all of the problems that KTM is facing but at least it will show them that we the passengers are there too.

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