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Kuching CAT

TRANSIT has taken note of the recent changes to bus service in Kuching, with the creation of the local consortium KCBS (Kuching City Bus Service) and their redesigned bus routing system CAT (City Area Transit) and newer buses.

Kuching CAT (City Area Transit)

Kuching CAT (City Area Transit) is a redesigned bus system that uses multiple route corridors and/or loops to replace the older point-to-point services offered by the traditional bus system. 

Kuching CAT route map
Kuching CAT route map
Kuching City Public Link Bus
Kuching City Public Link Bus
  • Kuching City Area Transit (CAT) proposed transit network route map 
  • Kuching City Area Transit (CAT) proposed bus features
  • Article: Still long way to go in improving bus service
  • Article: More buses to ply Kuching
  • Article: More buses for Kuching next year
  • Kuching Sentral

    near Kuching International Airport, Sarawak

    Kuching Sentral is a three-storey regional bus terminal located on a seven-acre site, at Mile 6 1/2 Penrissen Road. The RM55 million project was expected to be completed by the end of 2009.

    Artists impression of Kuching Sentral
    Artist's impression of Kuching Sentral

    Kuching Sentral will be close to the Kuching International Airport (KIA) and 10 minutes from Kuching City centre. [TRANSIT: How “Central” is that? Well, it is a truly intermodal hub (assuming they have river taxies and room for future train service)]

    scale model of the main building of Kuching Sentral
    scale model of Kuching Sentral
    Scale model of Kuching Sentral showing the bus waiting area
    Scale model of Kuching Sentral showing the bus waiting area

    TRANSIT Says:

    TRANSIT is interested with the proposals to improve public transport in Kuching with the arrival of new bus companies and new infrastructure in the form of Kuching Sentral.

    What we do not see are the other factors that will encourage public transport usage – consistent, reliable services, quality buses and good, easily-found information about those services.

    Two days of searching for information about Kuching’s public transport has revealed a lot of discussion and many articles but no comprehensive info about the service itself.

    They say that in business it pays to advertise. Unfortunately, it seems that the companies involved in the public transport business in Malaysia just dont get that message (except RapidPenang).

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