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Chi Too’s story continues

Earlier this month, TRANSIT carried a story regarding allegations from Chi Too of KL that he was denied entry to the LRT because he was carrying a folding bicycle

“Denied entry and then harrassed at LRT station”

In response to the allegations, which we followed up on immediately,  a document was placed on RapidKL’s website that appeared to outline the company’s policy on the use of folding bicycles on the LRT.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is a clear difference between policy and the action at the stations, as described by Chi Too in this email to TRANSIT, after he was denied entry to the LRT yet again.

see video here

I would like to first reiterate my stand that I have no intentions to antagonize RapidKL and sincerely hopes to work together with RapidKL to improve the quality of their services to the rakyat.

Over the past week, Communications GM for RapidKL, Mr Ebi Azly Abdullah have repeatedly stated in various press publications that there are existing policies in place for foldable bicycles. This is that foldable bicycles are allowed on trains between 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, what is referred to as off peak hours. This policy obviously does not exist and is merely conjured in the imaginations of Mr Ebi.

This morning, I arrived at the Maluri LRT station at 9:27 AM. I lined up to buy my ticket and when it was my turn, I was once again told that I cannot bring my bicycle in. I reiterated my stand and mentioned the said ‘policy’ that was stated in the press. The staff continued to deny the existence of such policy and to my horror produced a memo that was given out to all stations with a photo of me with my bicycle. Her exact words were ‘jangan benarkan you masuk’. I don’t know if they mean ‘me’ as in just me, or is it bicycles in general. I do not want to speculate.

However, enjoy the above video which i shot documenting my encounter with the counter staff.

I’m really upset, over the past couple of days, I drove because I had tons of filming equipment to lug around. Today I had nothing with me, and for some strange reason, I was forced to put myself in a 2 ton piece of metal that is my car to carry myself to work.

Also see here where the mystery thickens


We hope that RapidKL and Ebi Azly of the Communications Division will comment on this claims by Chi Too. Our hope is to get a real and effective dialogue going which will improve RapidKL’s policy related to folding bicycles, as well as ensure that this policy is carried out.

We have been requested to act as a 3rd party in any future discussions between Chi Too and RapidKL.

We will keep you updated on what happens with this story.

4 replies on “Chi Too’s story continues”

Whatever happens, this really has to be resolved, properly, amicably & permanently.

Fortunately, all sides appear to be interested in moving towards a resolution. We just want to help bring that forward


Moaz for TRANSIT

Mmm … Have it been resolved? I’m also interested as an owner of a Polygon foldable bike too. Though, I bought mine for easy transport in my car, rather than for carrying on the LRT.


We have not received any updates from Mr. Chi Too or from RapidKL in response to the letter that he sent.

Perhaps with the expansion of RapidKL trains to 4-carriage operations, there would be room to allow carriers of folding bicycles on board during peak hours.

We will do our best to follow up with En. Ebi of RapidKL and will keep you as up-to-date as possible

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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