TRANSIT For All Universal Design

Updates #16


Updates #16

1. Expanded our C.A.T. page with more information about expecations for TRANSIT, RapidKL/RapidPenang, Prasarana, KTMB, other operators, and the different governments.

2. Universal design pavement is for everyone’s benefit (Streets, NST) – Comments about accessible pavement in Petaling Jaya.

3. Letter: Uneasy riders in a budget taxi (NST) – a letter describing concerns of a taxi passenger traveling from KLIA to Malacca.

4. Free bus rides for seniors in KK (the Star) – City Bus Services in Kota Kinabalu is now offering concession fares (free) for seniors and students wearing school uniform in the downtown area.

5. Upon request, we have temporarily removed unoffical images and content related to the 4-Carriage LRT trainsets. We will however retain our earlier posting.

Aside from the 4-carriages, other cosmetic differences include the following:

  • The black “forehead” of the LRT train has now been removed.
  • The black surround of the front windscreen is now smaller in size
  • The red stripes framing the front lamps and extending along the body of the train have been removed. 

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