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TAXI games (continued)

We came across this interesting set of article from the Malay Mail as they follow up on their investigation of the poorly-organized taxi coupon system that is allowing companies to take customers for a ride (literally and figuratively).

Read the following articles:

1. Use meter: RM6 Use coupon: RM18

COUPON taxi operators are making a killing, emerging as the new rogues in public transportation in the Klang Valley. Ironically, these operators were appointed by the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) to eradicate rogue cabbies who refuse to use meters and charge exorbitant fares.

2. CVLB orders SUSPENSION — but defiant cabbie firm ignores ban

COMMERCIAL Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) director Datin Naimah Ramli was quick to act against an errant coupon taxi company when she ordered the suspension of its services.

But Hijrah Dedikasi Sdn Bhd seems to be taking the matter lightly as, until late last night, it was found to be still operating (see posting below).

3. Firm denies defying CVLB
Hijrah Dedikasi Sdn Bhrd explains itself to the Malay Mail after being accused of denying the CVLB directive.

4. CVLB: ‘Small’ enforcement team can be more effective with public’s help – CVLB Director Naimah Ramli believes that public support can help her small enforcement team (with only 57 officers) take action against errant public transport operators.

Unfortunately, many people have little confidence in the CVLB and their No. Aduan (complaints hotline) is not operating at the moment due to the dissolution of the Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development Ministry. They hope the number will be available soon when the new system is set up.

TRANSIT has proposed that the CVLB create their own exclusive Complaints HotlineNo. Aduan (they actually shared the software with other agencies) and that this number be transferred to the Public Land Transport Authority in the future.

5. THE MAIL SAYS: Scrap the coupon taxi system

Editorial in the Malay Mail recommends that the coupon system be scrapped.

6. It [Taxi Coupon System] works well — Markiman

Former (as of June 1) CVLB Director Markiman Kobiran comments on the benefits of the Taxi Coupon System.

7. Cabbies who get foreigners to drive warned

New (as of June 1) CVLB Director Halimah Sidique comments on taxi drivers.

8. Board: Fare hike will be fair to taxi drivers and passengers
New CVLB Director Halimah Sidique comments on the upcoming fare increase.

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