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LRT: Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional?

This posting, Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional in the blog of Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh caught the attention of TRANSIT today – not to mention the attention of a few other people.

I have just been informed by several community leaders in Subang Jaya that MCA Kelana Jaya Division led by Mdm Ong Chong Swen is organising a consultation session with resident reps in her office on information pertaining to the LRT route provided by the Ministry of Transport. Since last year, we have been calling on the LRT concessionaire (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd) and the Ministry of Transport to provide MPSJ with the proposed LRT route. To date, my office and MPSJ has yet to receive any news from them. This is despite official letters and even a public briefing for the residents which was organized by residents with my office. We have been kept waiting for months to hear of anything from Prasarana and the Ministry of Transport.


In the absence of a clear plan, it is amazing to see what will end up happening. Because of this lack of transparency by the government and Prasarana, the details of a project that would improve public transport are hidden from view and politicians start to dig their teeth in to gain political mileage.

Where is the attention to the needs of the rakyat here? It seems that people have forgotten this.

We need better public transport for the whole Klang Valley and that will not be accomplished by bringing two LRT lines to Putra Heights (or Shah Alam or some other suburban community).

What we need is better, more integrated public transport at all levels – especially “rapid transit” – and we need it fast.

What we do not need is dark clouds and politics. As a resident of Subang Jaya, I am disappointed to see the LRT project turning into a political issue. What we really need is an open, honest and transparent planning system that will give us the best public transport network.

For those who are worried about secret backroom planning, please see our previous posting about the LRT extension. Laws exist to protect the interests of the rakyat. It would be nice if the wakil rakyat started paying attention to the interests of the rakyat instead of their own interests.

7 replies on “LRT: Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional?”

I totally agree with Transit.

Soil tests and a survey has already been conducted in Subang Jaya, USJ and Putra Heights and yet Prasarana is refusing to make the proposed LRT routes public. The survey was conducted sans a map. How can a survey be conducted without a map ? No transparency.

LRT is supposed to serve the rakyat. What’s the point of running an LRT line where there’s no load (passengers). Take a drive to Putra Heights and you’ll know what i’m talking about. The government should not run an LRT line just because it has to and because a particular housing developer is allocating land to Prasarana for this purpose.

It’s time the rakyat – the taxpayers- stood up for their rights. Speak up and let your voices be heard.

And Transit, thanks a lot for keeping abreast with what’s happening.

Shah Alam Putra Height residents & Shah Alam residents are still waiting ! Is it just talking and creating false hope to kampung people like me?

I am one of USJ residents who are waiting for LRT to come to Subang Jaya/USJ. We have to look far ahead and at long-term benefits like environment damage caused by pollution from car and traffic jam and also when petrol reserve depleting and petrol price sky rocket high again. Unless you can find alternative transport that fly like aeroplance to avoid the traffic jam, the only solution is LRT. You can see clearly the effectiveness of its MRT system running in co-existance with bus system in Singapore. Bus alone can not solve the public transportation system.
People earning S$1,500 in Singapore can survive with savings that can be used to improve life style and for investment while Malaysians earning RM2,000 in Klang Valley are struggling to pay car instalment and petrol.

For those are well doing, please remember they are others stay/work in subang jaya/usj who need LRT.
It will help to reduce living cost and stress to common people in Klang Valley. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy a better living standard and feel satisfactions and crime can be reduced.


Thank you for your posting.

As residents and public transport users, many of us want to see more LRT in more places since LRT is the most reliable form of public transport that we currently have.

However, as advocates for better public transport we have to look at the whole Klang Valley and see where the needs are greatest.

We also have to look at the project and ask if the benefits are going to justify the costs.

The proposal for LRT to Putra Heights does not meet certain expectations for demand and service levels, so we are concerned about the overall cost vs. benefits.

For that reason, we are pushing Prasarana to reveal their methodology and demand projections for the Kelana Jaya line extension and their analysis of the costs and benefits.

Once again, thanks for your comment.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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