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Nazri: RapidKL is a problem for other bus operators

TRANSIT was disappointed to read today of the comments by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, made after a discussion and walkabout with second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah and Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

  • Note 1: For your information, TRANSIT did send a representative to the discussion and we will have a full debriefing from our representative posted to this website very soon.
  • Note 2: For a little bit of background information, Nazri Abdul Aziz has been given the task of fixing up the CVLB, which was made “homeless” after the dissolution of the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development. The CVLB is now parked (pardon the pun) under the Prime Minister’s Department.
  • Note 3: Nazri Abdul Aziz was once in charge of the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development and was once investigated by the ACA for corruption when it was found out that the CVLB had given 6000 taxi permits to one individual.

According to the NST in this article, the CVLB will freeze the issue of bus and taxi permits [presumably in the Federal territory?].

Nazri was quoted saying “There are enough operators. Some are like piranhas killing each other to make profits.”

TRANSIT is amused to see this coming from Nazri and the CVLB.  We remember that, back in 2008, CVLB director Markiman Kobiran happily announced the issue of 3000 taxi permits in the mistaken belief that more taxi permits would improve service.

It is doubly amusing because, as mentioned above, Nazri was associated with the issue of permits in an inappropriate way and was investigated by the ACA for this.

We wonder who the piranhas really are.

TRANSIT also took note of another point.  Nazri said the CVLB was also re-examining the role of RapidKL after private bus companies complained they were losing passengers because their fares were higher.

“If necessary, the role of RapidKL would be taken over by other operators. Government agencies should not compete with private operators.”


Give us a break. RapidKL is the best of the bunch [in the Klang Valley at least – RapidPenang is rising high though] and has raised the bar for public transport service in Malaysia. Sure, they only raised the bar a little bit and they have allowed it to fall back a little bit – but they have shown us the bar can be raised.

If anything, we should be reexamining the other bus companies and the role of the CVLB, not RapidKL. The other bus companies are the ones that use the illegal ‘pajak’ system. They are the ones that employ foreigners as drivers. They are the ones that park illegally by the roadside. And no one will disagree that the CVLB is the organization that has failed the taxi service as well as the intercity and stage bus service.
Keep RapidKL and park the CVLB permanently!

3 replies on “Nazri: RapidKL is a problem for other bus operators”

i who had a firm believe that Klang Valley’s horrific bus system done by Metrobus especially are caused by hidden hands (politicians). and now they come out to the surface and showing their face. we now know who is the ‘shark’. and now the shark is doing the job.

i try my best not to involve politics in term of public transportation. but there it is…it is truly related.

why don’t he comment on Metrobus, Len Seng? they are helpless and Nazri seems not interested helping those ‘helpless’ instead.

Agreed, Metrobus is really the worse here.
Extremely noisy and polluting buses, poor service, reckless driving (watch these buses running at full speed coming from KLCC when traffic light is green at Jln Sultan Ismail, and then speeding on Jln Ampang…) , illegal parking… This is a real shame.

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