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Residents claim proposed LRT lines too close to homes

This article in the Star today describes concerns over the proposed extension of the Ampang Line from Seri Petaling through Bukit Jalil.

Residents claim proposed LRT lines too close to homes
27 April 2009

MORE than a hundred residents living in Taman Esplanad in Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur staged a peaceful protest on Saturday to object to a proposed LRT extension running through their neighbourhood.

The residents are worried that if approved, the lines located some 12 metres from their backyard, will pose problems to those living in the area.

“The LRT alignments were proposed in the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 (DKLCP2020) and we had already made our objections at a public hearing committee last year. But, we were surprised to discover that soil investigation work is currently being carried out at the site,’’ said a resident who only wished to be identified as Soh.

According to Soh, if the project goes through, residents in the area will be facing a lot of problems that will affect their quality of life.

“We are talking about noise and dust pollution, soil erosion and vibrations and safety aspects,’’ Soh said.

Esplanad Residents Association vice-chairman Jason Lim said the residents were not against development, nor objecting to the proposed line along their houses, but they were against the proximity of the lines.

“The lines are literally next to our bedrooms,’’ Lim said. “It will not only disturb our sleep at night but due to the close proximity of the lines, commuters can actually peek into our bedrooms,’’ he added.

The residents are hoping that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) would consider re-locating the lines closer to the Kesas Highway instead which is 97 metres away from the houses.


TRANSIT supports the improvements to mass transit in the Klang Valley but public consultation and feedback are a necessity. It is not appropriate to hold consultations that are meaningless when the decisions have already been made.

At the same time, we have to be realistic – improvements to public transport will affect people living nearby – but this effect can be minimized with proper planning.

Regarding Jason Lim’s comments about people being able to peek on the trains being able to peek in the bedrooms of residents – we would have to visit the site to be sure but at the moment that is a bit of a frivolous objection. One wonders if Jason Lim has been to the KL Monorail station at “KL Sentral” recently.

Back to public consultation and awareness – It is for these very reasons that TRANSIT exists – to raise awareness about public transport and to improve the voice of the public transport user, the 4th stakeholder in this industry.

We will do the best we can to continue to follow this issue.

8 replies on “Residents claim proposed LRT lines too close to homes”

What is the status of proposed LRT link which was commented the proximity was too close to the house in Taman Esplanad, Bukit Jalil? I will be very upset and dissapointed if the authority insist to keep the proximity like what it was commented. They never learned and not being considered at all. Put yourself into the resident shoe, would you like a LRT that 20m away from your house cutting thru every 30 mins? There is an empty land which is more suitable. Please update me the status.

Hi Gary

As far as we have heard the issue was resolved. The last word was that Prasarana claimed that the LRT line would be far enough away and they would add noise barriers.

We will try to find more information.


Moaz for TRANSIT


Really appreciate your reply, especially statement “we will try to find more information” . You have change my perception towards the authority. Thanks!

As I mentioned before my house in Taman Esplanad is almost last unit of the row, other words my house also the closest proximity with less than 30m away from the track (in the 1st published drawing)

Do you think you are able to find the 2nd drawings on how the track will be shifted away from my house? how far would it be now?

Do you mind to provide your email address to me so that I could indicate my house to you in the 1st published drawing.

Thanks! looking forward your reply



We at TRANSIT are not ‘in authority’ but we will make use of our contacts to try and get more information for you.

Please be advised that we are dependent on the whims of the government and Prasarana for information – but we will do our best to get the information that you need.

Please send your email to


Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Gary and Moaz,
Thanks Gary for voicing out your concern. I would also like to look at the latest development plan – which could indicate how far is the LRT track gonna be. In addition to that, which units would be badly affected.

Hi! Any status on the above mentioned issue with regards to the proposed LRT link is built too close (18m) to the houses in Taman Esplanad. I understand that Saujana Residences are facing the same issue which recently was brought up in NST. Any chances of reallignment?

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