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Letter: Day tickets make it easy for commuters

TRANSIT noted this letter in the newspaper today.

Day tickets make it easy for commuters

I’M not a regular user of RapidKL but still do use it once in a while. I would like to suggest that they sell day tickets which can be used for the whole day.

I’ve been to London and their underground, although very old, is quite efficient. It has this day ticket that all tourists will buy.

Basically, the ticket can be used only after peak hours in the morning until late night. It is very convenient as tourists just hop in and hop out to see places.

Put a reasonable price and I’m sure it will sell very well. If the Monorail can be included in the exercise it would be even better.

In London, underground rail lines are run by different companies but I think they share the profits from the day tickets.

Kota Warisan, Selangor.


RapidKL actually offers full day passes on all bus types.  This is, of course, costing them a lot of money and encouraging fare evasion through the transfer of passes.

In fact, this offer of all-day passes may be revised in the near future. RapidKL has already cancelled their Pas Semua (“All” [Bus] pass) and Pas Sepadu (“Integrated” [Bus & LRT] pass).  This cancellation occurred in December of 2008.

In the long run it is hoped that there will be one authority issuing passes in the Klang Valley, with a fully integrated ticketing system.  Sadly though RapidKL has been operating for 5 years already, they have not managed to bring this system forward.

In sharp contrast, when the Hong Kong government pushed the merger of the Mass-Transit Rail (MTR) Corporation and the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCR) in late 2007, the network and ticketing system was fully integrated within 3 months.

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