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Transit says: Have your say on 2nd Economic Stimulus Package

Transit says: Have your say on 2nd Economic Stimulus Package

23-01-2009 Have your say on second package via Najib’s blog

PETALING JAYA: The economy is in trouble. It needs help. And you can help — by having your say on how best to stimulate growth.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, in his blog is welcoming Malaysians to tell him what they think the Government should include in the Second Stimulus Package.

“As you may already be aware, a second stimulus package is in the pipeline.

“For one, the focus of this package will be different from the first,” he said in his latest post entitled Our Economy: Your Suggestions for the Second Fiscal Stimulus.

He said that the Second Stimulus Package had an overriding objective to address the issues which have come about due to the global financial crisis, and would be focused on the niche areas of the economy.

The first stimulus package of RM7bil was announced last November, and is being rolled out in stages in the first quarter of this year to alleviate the threat of recession.

“I am in the process of gathering views from different parties on what is to be included in the second economic stimulus package.

“The relevant Government ministries and agencies are also committed to the stimulus package so that we avoid falling into a recession and sustain our economic livability,” he said, adding he thought it would be a good idea to reach out to the Malaysian public via 1Malaysia.

“In this regard, I invite all Malaysians to participate in providing constructive and healthy, yet concise input as your personal contribution to move our nation forward,” he said.

Those who wish to contribute their ideas can comment at Najib’s blog, or e-mail to
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National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia secretary-general Datuk Syed Hussien al Habshee lauded Najib for inviting Malaysians to give their views, comments and suggestions for the Second Stimulus Package.

“Commerce associations and members should take the opportunity to give their input on what the Government should do to help the economy,” he said.

He said while it was a good measure to have a Second Stimulus Package, the recipients have to ensure that the money was used wisely and quickly.

“They cannot take their time to scrutinise the plans. The money must reach the people as soon as possible and not be tied up by red tape,” he said.

Source : The Star


We have put together a lot of great ideas over the past 5 years to improve public transport in Malaysia – Better public transport means increased jobs and economic productivity and economic growth – along with reduced losses and wastage.

According to sources, approximately 2% of Malaysia’s GDP is wasted away each year because of poor transportation including public transportation.  2% of an economy valued at USD181 billion or RM450 billion is a huge amount of money.  Let’s give it a round figure and say that it is nearly RM10 billion lost annually.

TRANSIT invites you to visit the blog of Finance Minister and Deputy PM Dato’Seri Najib Tun Razak and give him a piece of your mind.  Build better public transport or it is going to cost each and every one of us!

Oh, and please share your ideas here in our comments section.

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