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Article: Reviving Semenyih Sentral

Reviving Semenyih Sentral

5 February 2009

Story and photo by GEETHA KRISHNAN

THE Semenyih Sentral bus terminal, which was left almost idle for the last three years, is being repositioned to make it a vibrant public transport hub for the southern region of Selangor. Previously on the verge of becoming a white elephant, the terminal was under-utilised by both bus companies and commuters and subjected to vandalism during the past three years.

The terminal, located a short distance from Semenyih town, is being cleaned up and refurbished to turn it into the main public transportation hub for the residents of Semenyih, Broga, Beranang, Mantin and Pajam.

For the public: The Semenyih Sentral aims to cater for those living in Semenyih, Broga, Beranang, Pajam and Mantin

Bas Bakti Sdn Bhd is now in charge of the Semenyih Sentral, having taken over its management and operation from the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) this year.

According to Bas Bakti operations manager Rosman Hashim, the company has its own fleet of buses called Le Trans to service six routes while the RapidKL and Road Liner buses also make use of the terminal.

“In addition to an existing active route, the company is re-introducing five routes where bus services stopped 20 years ago. We conducted a survey and discovered that each route has the potential to offer at least 5,000 commuters,” he said.

The six routes are:
> Route 101: Semenyih Sentral to Sungai Tekala, via Sungai Lalang, Kampung Sungai Machang and Kampung Pasir Baru;

> Route 102: Semenyih Sentral to Seremban, via Broga, the Nottingham University, Broga town, Kampung Tarun, Kampung Kapal, Ulu Beranang, Lenggeng, Kampung Rawa Tengah, Kampung Rawa Hilir and Mantin;

> Route 103: Semenyih Sentral to Mantin, via Beranang, Staffield Golf Club and the Kolej Tunku Jaafar;

> Route 104: Semenyih Sentral to Bandar Baru Bangi, via Taman Desa Anggerik, Kampung Sungai Purun, Taman Dalmara, Kampung Batu 3, Kampung Rinching Hilir, Kampung Batu 5, Sri Putra, Bangi, Kampung Teras Jernang, Akademi Percukaian, the Hulu Langat District Office and the PKNS Bangi; >

Route 105: Kajang to Mantin, via Semenyih Sentral, Beranang, the Staffield Golf Club, the Kolej Tunku Jaafar and Mantin; and

> Route 106: Kajang to Seremban, via Semenyih Sentral, Beranang, the Staffield Golf Club, the Kolej Tunku Jaafar, Mantin and Terminal One.

Prior to the re-introduction of the routes, only Route 106 was active.

Villager Fatimah Ujang, 49, said that having buses ply the route to Kampung Rinching Hilir would be of great convenience to the villagers in commuting to town for their shopping and medical needs.

“Most of us cannot afford the taxi fares and have to rely on friends and family for help,” she said.

Rosman said that Bas Bakti was issued 20 permits from the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) to run operations at the Semenyih Sentral.

“We have a small fleet at the moment and are in the midst of procuring more buses. Our target months are March and June,” he said.

The Le Trans buses may be limited in number but commuters have the option of travelling via RapidKL and Road Liner buses. It is also hoped that the Cityliner buses will also opt to utilise the terminal.

A taxi stand is being constructed next to the terminal for it to function as a complete one-stop public transport hub. The existing facilities include public toilets and a surau.

Rosman also said that the company was now doing renovation and repair works on the two-storey building. He said the office and shop lots were available for rental at reasonable rates. For enquiries, call 019-686 8111 (Rosman) or 019-363 6047 (Azam).

Transit says:

All improvements to public transport are going to be good improvements. We hope that the local governments and Selangor government will step up to the plate with proper funding to improve the quality, reliability and consistency of public transport services.

Transit also hopes that Bas Bakti Sdn. Bhd. will make consistent efforts to improve the quality of services – keeping buses moving and not waiting to fill up, keeping taxis and buses apart, etc.

One reply on “Article: Reviving Semenyih Sentral”

I wonder why is there still no any form of transportation from Semenyih to the cities, for instance Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, or even Subang Jaya. I believe there are commuters who are in need public transportation to these areas, especially the students in the University of Nottingham, and the residents in Semenyih. Absence of links to well-developed cities is causing Semenyih to be left-out. I’m a resident in Semenyih and I am currently studying in Subang Jaya, and so I am having difficulties commuting to Subang. I hope attention is given to this post.

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