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Updates #3

Updates 1. This interesting letter in the NST caught our attention today: TRANSPORT WOES: Now’s the time to make changes 2. We also took note of this article which describes a gang of robbers who chose victims who had alighted from express buses in Puduraya and appeared unfamiliar with KL city: Busted – gang preying […]

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Letter: A way out of Puduraya chaos

TRANSIT takes note of this letter in the Star newspaper. A way out of Puduraya chaos To solve the Puduraya mess, build three bus stations at least populated locations outside the Klang Valley, one each for the buses coming from the north, east and south. The three bus stations should be linked to our LRT […]

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Rakan Cop numbers on the bus

Rakan Cop numbers on buses to curb crime By PRIYA MENON The Kuala Lumpur Police and RapidKL have joined forces in a crime prevention campaign that was launched by the KL Police chief Datuk Wira Muhammad Sabtu Osman yesterday at the Pasar Seni Bus Hub. The campaign is aimed at reducing the number of crimes […]