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Letter: A way out of Puduraya chaos

TRANSIT takes note of this letter in the Star newspaper.

A way out of Puduraya chaos
To solve the Puduraya mess, build three bus stations at least populated locations outside the Klang Valley, one each for the buses coming from the north, east and south.

The three bus stations should be linked to our LRT system so that no one can complain that there is no proper transit. Maybe LRT operators can also give RM1 discount for express bus passengers to use its services.

With that done, there is no need for express buses to enter the city and in fact, they should be barred from going into the city.

Every bus station should have a police station (not police booth), a JPJ branch which runs 24/7, a taxi hub and a RapidKL bus hub integrated in it.



The proposal for 3 suburban bus stations to replace central Puduraya has been mooted by the Ministry of Transport already.

The Ministry intends to build 3 of these bus stations, described as ‘Integrated Transport Terminals’ because they are supposed to connect express buses, airport buses, LRT, KTM Komuter (if possible), urban buses, and taxis.

One will be located at Bandar Tasik Selatan and is already under construction (see updates & discussion at this link). Another one will be constructed at Gombak (the Terminal Putra/Gombak LRT station). Finally, there will be one constructed at Sg. Buloh. This terminal may include a connection to the future Kota Damansara-Cheras line.

At the same time, we have to realize that Puduraya is inside the city because it is convenient for KL residents to get to. It may not be the best location and it has huge problems – but it is accessible.

Can the same be said for these terminals that will be built in the middle of nowhere?

Puduraya does not need to be shut down completely. Make an effort to resolve the problems through better planning and enforcement and a little bit of decentralization – but keep Puduraya because it serves a purpose.

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