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Updates #3



1. This interesting letter in the NST caught our attention today:

TRANSPORT WOES: Now’s the time to make changes

2. We also took note of this article which describes a gang of robbers who chose victims who had alighted from express buses in Puduraya and appeared unfamiliar with KL city:

Busted – gang preying on new arrivals

As always, we recommend vigilance and intelligence – always be aware of your surroundings and let people know that you are aware – you are less likely to become a victim of a surprise attack or a con or a trick.

Also, contact the Rakan Cop hotline 03-2115-9999 or send an SMS to 32728 or call the nearest police station if you have information about a crime or information that could help prevent a crime from happening.

Do not just sit by and let crime happen. Fight it hard!

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