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What the KiDEx CEO Says

TRANSIT has gone on record with our objections to the Kinrara-Damansara expressway. Our reasoning, expressed here, focuses on the inherent efficiency of public transport as compared to elevated highways as well as the huge social and economic impacts of the highway.

But we always want to give you the opportunity to hear both sides of the story, so we present to you the following:

First, a podcast from BFM Radio in which the CEO comments on public transport. Second, an article in which the KiDEx CEO argues that the projection of 3.9 million cars on Malaysian roads by 2025 makes more highways necessary.

Finally we have comments from the CEO on our page, followed by our response.

CEO’s comments (published in original form:


s interesting to note , Transit conveniently forget the traffic on our roads.All Transit believe is mrt/lrt is the mother of all solutions pertaining to the traffic jam currently experienced and not to talk about the future.
U call yourself transit but you had demonstrated in your writings ignorance of what land transportation is all about.
You conveniently forget the studies undertaken by SPAD and PEMANDU in 2008 on the public transportation modal split where it concluded that even with achieving modal split of 50:50 in year 2025, there is still 3.9 million car population we have to grapple with.To achieve  that50:50 split is ambitious and it would include whatever the suggestions you put forward in the construction and improvements to the mrt /lrt/monorail.Transit simply refused to understand our land transportation issues but more interested to point fingers and politicise the issues.
I am very sure my comment wont see the light of the day but at least I am happy to get it out my chest.

Our Response:

Mohd Nor Idrus

Thank you for your comment.

TRANSIT is well aware of the current land transportation situation in Malaysia and have regularly consulted with SPAD, PEMANDU and other public transport agencies since 2008.

We support improvements to land transportation in general and public transportation in particular … and these improvements are not limited to LRT/MRT…and certainly not limited to the Klang Valley.

While you may disagree with our approach there are more than enough data and examples from Malaysia and around the world that reinforce our position on transportation issues.

What you may see as “pointing fingers” we see as pushing for accountability. What you see as “politicizing issues” we see as reminding leaders of their responsibility to serve the public…a responsibility that is an unavoidable part of public life.

Once again, thank you for your comment.

Regards, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad for TRANSIT


As always your feedback and thoughts are welcomed

One reply on “What the KiDEx CEO Says”

I am certain that this CEO achieved his current position without ever having to pass a course in grammar and writing. I’m digressing of course, but the projection of 3.9 million vehicles doesn’t mean that their owners have to drive them all the time, especially for trips to work and back. People should be able to use public transit for most work trips and leave their cars at home and use the latter for leisure.

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