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Look out touts – SPAD is watching you

TRANSIT took note of two interesting articles related to the current Chinese New Year Holiday period – the standard set of warnings against touting and the standard article about related enforcement efforts.

The big question is, do Malaysians feel that the current enforcement and touting situation is better now that SPAD is in charge?

We know that SPAD is definitely more proactive than the CVLB was when it comes to enforcement. We know that they are also making more effort to reach out to the public and encourage complaints and feedback – whether on their websites, through phone, email and social media, and even encouraging walk-in complaints with offices at bus terminals, as well as their central offices.

So…how can we be confident in our confidence in SPAD?

Taxi and bus drivers warned against preying on travellers (The Star, 22 January 2012)

KUALA LUMPUR: Taxi and bus drivers as well as bus company operators have been warned against taking advantage of the festive season to prey on travellers, including overcharging them.

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) enforcement director Mej-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Paduka Che Hasni Che Ahmad said offenders would be charged and given heavy fines.

He said they would be “duly dealt with” under the Public Land Transport Act 2010 if nabbed.

“Those days, the fine was only RM300 and most cases did not have to go to court but under the new Act, investigation papers are immediately opened when offenders are apprehended,” said Che Hasni during SPAD’s special enforcement operations at Pudu Sentral.

Offenders could be fined up to RM50,000 under Section 75 of the Act, he added.

Also, the second article:

Keeping touts at bay in Pudu Sentral (NST, 23 January 2012)

LAND Public Transport Commission (SPAD) recently carried out an operation called OPS Serkap 1 to nab touts and carry out inspections on express buses at Pudu Sentral.

The operation, which will be ongoing until the end of the month, is targeted at major bus stations.

During the 13-hour operation, SPAD nabbed five touts. Three buses were issued summonses for picking up passengers from non-designated pick-up points, while two buses were fined for not having the temporary variation licences (LPS).


So…how can we be confident in our confidence in SPAD? One way would be if we actually had information about SPAD’s enforcement department – how many people, where they are based, what laws they are enforcing, how to reach them, etc.

In the knowledge-based economy, information and knowledge is the source of wealth & power.

2 replies on “Look out touts – SPAD is watching you”

i believe it when i don’t see them touts. let’s take the easy one like in klcc where they are waiting right in front of tower 1/louis vuitton…

it seems that they can illegally park, block a few lanes and tout tourist with impunity.

Someone should do something about the annoying taxi operators in Jalan Ampang. They usually block the small access road that is used for buses and cars exiting the parking garage.

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