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Dead baby boy left in plastic bundle on commuter train

Members of TRANSIT were left shocked by this news today:

Dead baby boy left in plastic bundle on commuter train (Malay Mail)
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 21:56:00

PORT KLANG: The body of a baby boy with the umbilical cord still intact was found bundled in a black plastic under a seat on a commuter train here today.

Klang Selatan police chief ACP Mohamad Mat Yusop said the body was believed to have been left behind during the train’s journey from Batu Caves to the Port Klang station.

He said the body was found by two cleaner when they cleaned-up the lead passenger coach after the train arrived here at 8.15am and the police were alerted about it at 9.15am.

The train started its first journey for Batu Caves from Port Klang at 5.35am before making its return journey, he told reporters here today.

Mohamad urged eye-witnesses to come forward.

He said the baby’s body was sent to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital here for a post-mortem and the case was being investigated under Section 318 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, a cleaner, Siti Khalijah Mat Zain, 37, said when she spotted a black plastic bundle under the seat on a coach she thought it was a trash left behind by a passenger.

Sensing something amiss, she called up her colleague to check on the plastic bundle.

“To our horror we saw blood stains on the plastic. We then found the body of a baby boy wrapped in a floral-patterned blanket in the bundle.

“A prayer mat and a Yasin verse booklet was also found in the bundle. I then contacted the police,” she said.


We do not often comment on social issues as we have so much to deal with with public transport issues in this country.

At the same time, we cannot deny that there is a social connection here. Just think about all of the hours that are wasted, stuck in traffic congestion, thanks to our poor transport options.

Think of the lost time for families, for parents and children to interact, to create & sustain a strong family unit with positive connections & mutual support.

Think of what we in Malaysia are losing every time we hear of a tragic story like this.

One reply on “Dead baby boy left in plastic bundle on commuter train”

Well, it is unfortunate to know that a lot of Malaysians use their “Malaysia Boleh” creativity/innovations at the wrong way, the wrong time and the wrong purposes. Like this dead infant discarded case. From public places, riverside, bushes, ditches, toilet, sewer, jungle to rubbish bin/dump, I think public transport has become the next victim. I hope there will be strong cooperation between the public/passengers and the public transport operators (may it be KTM Komuter, monoral, LRT, MRT, Bus, taxi and so on), there should be close cooperations between them like the Tokyo Metro (after the Sarin gas attack incident) and London Underground (after the bomb explosions incident in 2005). Nowadays in Tokyo Metro or London Underground, they frequently broadcasted audioly and visually (through LED/electronic display unit) to remind people of reporting suspected packages to any subway/metro officers or workers. When I was in London at North Greenwich station, I really saw an elderly lady showing a left behind suspicious package to a worker/officer. This is the kind of cooperation we want in Malaysian public transport system too.

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