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Puduraya facelift project delayed but 95% complete (they say)

TRANSIT noted the following article giving us the only real update on the Puduraya renovation & facelift that we have had in months:

Puduraya Facelift Delayed (The Star)

The rainy season has caused a delay in the completion of the upgrading works of the Puduraya bus terminal.

UDA Holdings Bhd chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said he expected the construction of the terminal’s exterior building to be completed by next month. TRANSIT: Next month begins in 2 days! Yay! No, they mean by the end of next month – if we are lucky]

About 95% of the renovation work had been completed so far, he added. [TRANSIT: What do these percentages mean, exactly? How do you convert a project to a percentage?]

“Most of the renovation work has been completed except for the exterior.

“The construction on the front entrance and other parts of the building was delayed due to the bad weather,” he said.

“Initially, the renovation of the terminal was scheduled to be completed by Dec 31, but this delay will push the deadline further,” he added [TRANSIT: Remember, we told you so, and we anticipated the delay too]

However, Nur Jazlan said UDA had warned the contractors to complete the renovation work within the allocated time or face a fine for late completion.

“They had promised us that the renovation would be completed by the year’s end. We will not hesitate to impose a fine for late completion should the contractors delay the work further,” he told a press conference here on Saturday.

Nur Jazlan hoped that the contractors would follow the schedule and avoid a financial penalty.

UDA was tasked with the RM52mil upgrading works of the terminal. The Puduraya terminal resumes operations next month.


So there you have it – a terse newspaper article. After months of work, no information, no website, no progress reports made public.

We can imagine the disappointment of the public and the wasted opportunity to get the public involved in a project that would bring a breath of fresh air to KL’s most dreary public transport terminal.

Sadly, the message in the minds of the operators & property developers & managers is that when it comes to public transport you either promise the moon or say and do nothing. There is nothing in between.

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