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RapidKL introduces Bas Wanita on 1 December 2010 (Update #2)

  • Updated with Information + FAQ from RapidKL!
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TRANSIT notes that the government-linked Klang Valley bus and rail operator RapidKL introduced a “Ladies Bus Service / Servis Bas Wanita” on 1 December 2010. Please note the following Information + FAQ from RapidKL’s website

Image of a RapidKL "bas wanita" with pink stickers courtesy of RapidKL
Closeup of a "RapidKL ladies bus" sticker courtesy of RapidKL

The service will have a trial operation period throughout the month of December.

Bas-bas Wanita / Ladies buses will be extra buses added on to 2 morning and afternoon peak hour services on the following routes (click on the route name for detailed route information):

during the trial period.

Please note the following service times during the trial period:

  • AM ladies buses: 6:45, 7:30 am
  • PM ladies buses: 6:00, 6:45 pm

Feedback on the Ladies buses has generally been positive judging from the collection of articles below:

RapidKL is soliciting public feedback using a questionnaire. We hope they will have an online option. In the meantime, try TRANSIT’s unscientific poll below:

8 replies on “RapidKL introduces Bas Wanita on 1 December 2010 (Update #2)”

Well, sadly, the federal government is paying more attention on the public transport issues in west malaysia and giving no attention to east malaysia! aren’t we r in one country Malaysia?

Hi @Lester.

We agree that Malaysia is one country. We also agree that Kuching is the 4th largest city in Malaysia by population and we also agree that Sarawak is the greatest single source of seats for the Barisan National.

You would think that given all those factors, it would be easy to find RM200 million for the Kuching Bus Rapid Transit proposal…especially if they added a corridor linking the Kuching waterfront with Kuching Sentral and the Kuching International Airport!

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

Can’t they use the extra buses to reduce the waiting time during peak hours instead? Waiting time could go up to 60-70 minutes for some routes during the evening after work peak period. I don’t think there’s much that they can do about the congestion, but at least try to reduce the long waiting time will they?

I just don’t get the hype about “ladies only” train/bus. The convenient excuse is always about how Japan is implementing them, but hey, the trains in Japan comes every 60 seconds, whereas the KTM Komuter train and certain RapidKL buses could be coming at 60 minutes frequency.

Hi Stan

Basically, RapidKL is adding bus trips in the early morning and evening peak hours. During the peak hours themselves, all buses are already being used so there is no way to offer more trips.

As for offering “ladies only services”, a survey by the Malaysian Institute of Transport (MITRANS) has shown that “safety & security” are apparently the number one concern of public transport users.

Considering that a majority of public transport users are female, the “ladies-only” services appear to address those safety concerns.

TRANSIT does not support the concept of “ladies-only” services except when and if it is an add-on to existing service that meets proper service standards. We do believe that KTMB and RapidKL could have done a lot more to improve safety before introducing “ladies-only” services.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Totally agree with Stan and no offence to ladies, this plan really suck! Can our public transport companies stop doing some b******t thing like –> adding ladies KTM carriage, adding ladies bus, bla bla bla, WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT FAIR TO MALE WHEN THE FREQUENCY IS TERRIBLY LOW?!?!?!

[TRANSIT: Edited for language]

did MALE pay lower than FEMALE? isn’t this discrimination to all MALE?

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