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Important! SPAD needs your feedback on public transport!

The Land Public Transport Commission, known by its BM acronym SPAD, has been officially set loose to improve public transport in Malaysia.

The Land Public Transport Act empowers SPAD to support the creation of independent Land Public Transport Forums to discuss public transport issues and generate feedback & suggestions to improve the planning, operations, management and financing of public transport in Malaysia.

TRANSIT is the first of these Land Public Transport Forums. Hence, we need your feedback and suggestions about how to improve public transport and make SPAD operate effectively.

Please take action by:

Commenting in the space below or at our posting about SPAD..

Contacting TRANSIT
You can also send emails directly to, or use our twitter @transitmy or our facebook page TRANSIT-Malaysia!

Contacting SPAD
You can send feedback directly to SPAD. See our recent posting or our Contacts/Action Page for contact information.

Background Information

The SPAD bill was tabled in Parliament on 12 April 2010 and passed on 21 April 2010. Information can be found here including the laws that give SPAD its powers & responsibilities. SPAD was created by an act of Parliament, approved on 21 April 2010 and signed into law by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong in May and became official on 1 June 2010.

7 replies on “Important! SPAD needs your feedback on public transport!”

There are so many bosses in Prasarana/RapidKL who are shaking legs, surfing facebook, read papers etc i.e doing nothing much but earning so much > RM20K. How to make profit??????


Thanks for your comment but if you are going to suggest that Prasarana ‘bosses’ are making 20k (per month) then please provide evidence of salaries.

It’s not that we disagree — there could very well be some overpaid, underworked people in Prasarana (and probably in most organizations) — but you have to have evidence to give substance to your complaint.

Just so you know, TRANSIT has met a lot of underpaid, overworked people at Prasarana and RapidKL over the past 5 years.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

with the integration of various government agencies under SPAD, I really hope that KL Bus services will also be integrated. Apart from 1 single method of payment, I’m dreaming of seeing KL buses become like the London buses – all of them are coordinated under an authorized agency (SPAD), painted with the same colour, no competition between bus companies, and use the same fares system.

Here is how I would like to see the future of KL buses;
When we combine all city buses in KL from RapidKL, Metrobus,SJ bus..etc we may have over 2000 buses. These buses will be painted with the same colour in order for them to come under one brand, eg KL Bus. Then, SPAD will determine how many bus should be placed in a route and avoid excess number of bus deployed for a route.

The current situation sees a competition among bus operators and passenger are choosers. Sometimes a passenger refuses to board a Metro just because he wants to board a Rapid bus because he has the Rapidpass. Therefore this passenger has voluntarily delays his own journey just because he wants to utilize the Rapidpass.

So under a single brand of KL Bus this problem will not happen again. Passengers can board any buses that ply the route by using the same fare system. There will also increase the efficiency of the buses; no excess/inadequate number of buses put in a route and no more unused buses in a hub.
The main point is to maximize the usage of all KL buses in a well-coordinated way.


Thanks for your comments – we fully agree that there should be one ‘brand’ for public transport in the Klang Valley and that the government should focus on the planning, organization, management and marketing of service, while private operators (and public operators) should be competing to provide service on the ground.

We should keep “RAPID” because it has meaning & scope – it applies to public transport in particular and transport in general.

We prefer a name like “RAPID for KL” simply because the name RAPID stands for Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras (Rapid Integrated Transport Network) and it is an ideal name for a public transport service.

The “for KL” is a obvious reflection of our admiration for the management system introduced by Transport for London – but another name could be selected.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

SPAD tak de laman web ke….. Jika ada penumpang atau rakyat boleh komplain serta memberi cadangan mahupun pandangan dan dihantar terus ke SPAD supaya dapat diambil tindakan atau makluman.

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