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Taxi: Report cabbies who refuse to use the meter

TRANSIT took note of this letter in the newspaper, Report cabbies who refuse to use the meter (The Star) in which @Victimized of Kuala Lumpur points out that cabbies are becoming afraid of being reported.

Get it? Some taxi drivers are now afraid. That is why they are responding in a harsh manner and suggesting that calling the hotline will not help – they are afraid that if enough people start calling, they will be caught.

WITH reference to the letter “No haggling sign is just for show,” (The Star, March 29), I would like to share a similar encounter on March 27 at around 3pm at the very same spot – the bus stop in front of IOI Mall in Puchong.

My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the Honda service centre about 2km away to pick up my car and there were more than five taxis waiting in line for passengers.

I approached one of the taxi drivers who demanded RM15 for the trip.

I refused to give in and decided to ask another cabbie.

This driver told me in a harsh tone that not a single taxi driver in the line will use the meter, adding that I could ask them all if I didn’t believe him.

Feeling frustrated, I decided to stop a taxi that was passing by instead.

I took my handphone out from my pocket and all of a sudden, the last taxi driver started shouting at me and warning me to keep quiet and not to complain to the authorities.

After waiting for about five minutes, I managed to get a taxi driver who was willing to use the meter without me asking him to do so. The fare came to RM5.90.

There are still many taxi drivers who follow the rules out there.

Passengers should not give in to unscrupulous taxi drivers.

Instead, we should report such incidents to the authorities to make our city a better place.


Kuala Lumpur.


Do not be afraid of taxi drivers. Call the CVLB Hotline at 1-800-88-96-00 and report them, or SMS your ADUAN LPKP to 15888

29 replies on “Taxi: Report cabbies who refuse to use the meter”

Moaz, I tried to call the CVLB hotline just now to report two taxis who refused to use the meter yesterday, but the automated voice gateway is in Malay. Could you please tell me what’s the digit sequence to dial to be directed to someone able to register my complaint in English? Thanks.

I took cab from ukm station to work which is abt 5 km away and got charged rm8 flat. with meter it is now range bet 7.50 – rm 9 so i cant complain. however, i feel more secured if i am in unfamiliar place and don have any idea oif the rate is reasonable. Bottom line, meter is the best. I even get my 1st taxi receipt in a msian cab:)

i took cab no. HWD 593 from BukitBintang to TamanMalat. as the rule i suppose to be charged double after 12:00. when at 12:00 the price was RM10, we arrived by the price RM17. the driver pressed a button then the price went 19 immediate and he charged me 39 refusing to print the receipt. (he supposed to charge me 17-10=7 7x 2=14 14+10=24) i tried to take a pic of his disposed licence then he draged my phone very rudy way(am a girl). i just called report but the guy not speak english..

Today I went to Serdang Hospital, I was sick and I wanted to go to a clinic in Bangi. I walked toward the taxi line and I spoke to the driver (car no HWB 9330)to tell him where I want to go and I want him to use the meter. He asked for 20RM (which is alot for that distance) . There was a sign on back of his car state that “this taxi is metered so ask for your receipt ” … when I told him about that sign he said I don’t care!! and I told him I’m going to complain he also didnt care.. It was hot and I was sick, I also asked the next taxi he said He is waiting for some one … I only had one option which was to call a taxi agency to send me taxi.

Hi !

I’m foreigner from bangkok i need to shared for my experienced as your guy all of the above reported.

On last week Monday 25th Oct 2010, I had took a taxi from Bukit jail about 5AM. morning at no bus station but the last station of konsutium [sic.] bus from hadyai to bukit jarill [sic]. I got robbed from taxi number HWD 67 / 64 ( Not sure sure ) but i remember the face of this 2 guy taxi.

This taxi got 2 driver who in this cabbed am confused but i think no problems and i came to cyberia condo in cyber jaya with my wife. I saw the meter started 6 rm . but am though this normal charge after midnight time. When am arrived in condo the meter up to RM 68 and he +68 again (RM1xx) i ‘m exciting and said why increased he said this negatived taxi meter. Actually i need to fight but he keep all my Luggage back in the care if i do not paid. I’m no choice must to be paid .

The two bug guy Malaysian who will be looking the foreigner innocence and follow you after refused and carrier you Luggage took in the cabbed. I don’t know how to reported and the polices or the hotline can helped me or not, Because a lot ‘s peoples who reported but not responds

Someone any idea pls reply me email

Thank you

@ Moaz

thank you very much, I just checked you comment , I know its really late but I think I sent email at that time … However, tonight (just now) the same situation happened at bukit Jalil lrt station, there were many cabs and non of them, wanted to use meter … so I called the number mentioned above, (I dont speak malay) so I passed the phone to some one so he just pressed no 2, and I got to speak to a guy, who seemed very helpful, so I reported 2 taxi driver … and the drivers still dont care !!! they know Im reporting!! I really hope that my called will get attention, and get taken seriously,, as taxi drivers becaome worst every day … its like a night mare when its raining because , they will ask the price they like!!! Im keeping my fingers crossed to see what will happened to those drivers …

Hi @Sadoon

First of all, thank you for making the effort to report the taxi drivers. The more people who do this, and the more people who see it being done, the more change will happen.

You are right that the taxi drivers do not seem to care, right now. That is because the CVLB is quite weak in enforcement – but remember, a few loud voices can make a difference.

So please, encourage your friends and others to do what you did and report any problems with public transport to the CVLB hotline as well as to SPAD.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I took a few hours on Google and researching a bit about “Taxi or Cab service” worldwide and the rules that differ from one country to another, the fares, city regulations, and even the danger we all can face at times. But I haven’t found a great resource for “Cab drivers” to share their experiences, tips etc.. if you know of any, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

Hi,I’m student in Malaysia.
The taxi drivers in malaysia never use taxi meter and i hate them and i want to try that to report their company but i don’t know waht am i doing now?
this number is for that taxi driver’s car:
please report him to improve the malaysian taxi driver.

Hi Saria

Thank you for your message.

To provide a full report we need more details, including:

  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Details of incident

This will help to find out what has happened and what type of punishment is appropriate.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I came across this blog when I was looking on “how to report taxi driver”.

However, my incident wasn’t about the meter. It was about rude taxi.

* Date of incident: 13/3/2011
* Time of incident : around 4.15pm
* Location of incident : From LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan to Taman Connaught
* Details of incident: (as below)

Today, (13/3/2011), I took at taxi from the taxi stand in LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan to my home in Taman Connaught. As a resident there, I do know there is a shortcut that cut through Giant Hypermarket to the residential area, and most taxis are willing to use this shortcut because the normal route will be stuck in a long line of traffic.

I stay near UCSI area, so the moment I got into the taxi, I told him, “Taman Connaught. Giant sana” (Translation: Taman Connaught, near Giant.)

When we got to the main road of Tasik Selatan, I wasnt so sure whether he knew I meant for him to cut through Giant, so I rephrased my sentence properly: “Ikut laluan Giant ya.” (Translation: Use the Giant road ya.) I requested it nicely.

I was frightened when he raised his voice and scolded me: “Brapa kali mau cakap? Hah? Brapa kali you mau cakap?” (Translation: How many times wanna say? Hah? How many times you wanna say?) I was shocked and scared at the same time, but retain my cool and answered nicely that I wasn’t sure he understand my first direction hence I rephrased it more clearly. And also that not all taxi drivers from LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan knew to use Giant’s road.

Again, he retorted rudely: “Itu tak boleh campur! Taxi I ni slalu Tasik Selatan! I tau! You ingat I tak tau ka? Belom sampai pun sudah cakap! I salah jalan ka? Hah? I salah jalan ka?” (I answered that he wasn’t in the wrong direction…”)

He was so rude, it frigtened me. He sounded like he wanted to threaten me. Then I took out my phone and jotted down the taxi number (the white plate inside the car dashboard). He turned around and stared at me as if threatening me/daring me to jot down the number.

Being a girl, of course I was scared! I wouldn’t know what he is capable of doing especially if he’s in this rude and bad tempered behaviour…

So, when it reached my residential area, I told him to stop at the guardhouse, and got down. I didn’t want him to know where I live (who knows what will happen?). I only started walking to my house after I saw the taxi left.


Thank you for your report. Have you forwarded a copy of your report to the public transport regulator, SPAD? You can send an email to or fill in the online form (a link can be found on the left side of our webpage).

You mentioned being frightened by the rudeness and scared by the taxi driver staring at you – and here we have to say, there is no reason to be frightened. Stay cool and do not let yourself be intimidated. Most of the time the rudeness is just put on for show for the exact purpose of intimidating people into doing nothing or saying nothing.

By standing up for yourself and being smart you are showing the taxi driver that you are not to be intimidated – and that sends the kind of clear message we need to send.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Transit, in Cyberjaya, there’s a taxi stand who always don’t want to use a meter to take a passenger. And also, the thing is, the driver is very rude.
I asked to get the meter, but then they shouting at me, like they are the great people..

I already report them since 3 weeks ago, and yesterday, when I want to take the taxi over there, one of the taxi driver is coming at me, and ask me why did I report to the company, as he received a warning letter from his company. And I just told him that I reported them because of he don’t want to take a meter, but suddenly he shout at me again, like the human have no brain, who is fault? me or him?
Now the thing is, why the government not demolish that taxi stand as they are not registered as the registered company. And also they never give a fair price.

Dear Transit,

Thank u for giving us opportunity to complaint here.
In my area, KTM Sungai Buloh, all taxi drivers are not using the meter. They will charge ridiculous price for short distance, for instance, the distance from the KTM station to my house is only within 15km but I was charged with RM20!

To my further dissapointment, there was a ‘negotiator’ act as middleman to talk to the passenger on the fare before appointing to the taxi driver.

I am sure that the ‘negotiator’ will charge commission on each taxi driver; hence, the price will be higher… just to ‘cover’ his commission.

I remembered that this has been even highlighted in The Star long time ago on the taxi driver in KTM sungai buloh, but sadly, authorities seems not interested to take action.

Pls help.

Latest incident:

HWC 3342,
This stupid taxi driver will overcharged passenger and dont use d damn meter.PJ Area

Everyone should beware of the taxi drivers at Subang Jaya SS15, which near Asia Cafe. They are grouped opposite of the McDonald near the junction to exit to the main road. Mostly malay and indian people, very rude and charges as they like.

I used their services a few time, never seen them use a meter. From my place to there it only cost me RM8 (depends on traffic though). But for my way back they charges RM25 ? Freaking stupid.


Thank you for the information. If you are in SS15 one of the best places to flag down a taxi (as opposed to going to the de-facto taxi stand at the end of Jalan SS15/8) is to walk a little bit further along Jalan Subang Utama / NPE past the overhead bridge.

Just wait there and you will be able to flag down taxis coming over the flyover or coming from below the flyover. They are usually much more willing to use the meter, though you may have to flag down more than one taxi before you find a driver willing to take you to your destination.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Dear Moaz for TRANSIT

I would like to complain ALL the taxis park along the bus station at Tesco, Puchong as well as opposite it. All the drivers have the sticker stating that they are ‘metered taxi’ yeah right, but all of them refuse to use meter. It has been going on for a very long time. The trip to go back to my place-Bandar Puteri from the bus station opposite Tesco only cost me less than RM5 in actual fact. They all charge me twice the price and sometimes even more. I really hope that any relevant authorities can really take some action rather than letting them to become worse and more terrible.

I’m really wondering, are the authorities even doing ANYTHING about this? I thought Sunway was the only place they are doing this. but apparently not. so many other places are experiencing the same unethical practices. students in Sunway who are desperate (and the cabbies know it) are being charged like MAD. no meter. no haggling.
looks like they only put the meter for show and only uphold the “no haggling” part. I also tried the public radio cab service but every single time i called, they would call back and say “sorry miss, there are no taxis around ur area” when there are GAZILLIONS of cabs sitting around sunway. obviously, there is a monopoly going on.

I have been living at Sunway Pyramid Hotel for the last 5 months, and every day there is a long line of taxis double-parked in front of the hotel. Every taxi has signs saying the taxi is metered and haggling is not allowed, yet every taxi refuses to use the meter. One of the drivers admitted to me that this is because the hotel guests are willing to pay a much higher price than the metered rate. He suggested that if I want a metered taxi I should stand on the highway and wait for one. He wanted RM30 for a short trip, and I said no. I did as he suggested and waited on the highway for a taxi. That taxi too refused to use the meter but wanted only RM20 for the same trip, which I paid. For the ride back to Sunway, I found a “real” metered taxi. The true price of the ride was RM5.90. I reported this to the policeman who stands across the street from the hotel, but he just said yes and laughed.

Overcharging is not the only problem with these taxis. I have to walk past these taxis every day to get to the hotel, and if I am alone they offer to drive me to meet prostitutes and buy drugs. This hotel and the water park are supposed to be a family destination.

All of these taxis are red and white, and they can be found waiting in front of Sunway Pyramid Hotel at any hour of any day.

Do the same rules apply in Seremban? As a caucasian I am always being charged more than what is fair even though I know the rates and stayed here for nearly 3 years. They tell me the rate goes up after 7pm, which is not true I believe. If I flag a taxi on the street, they often want extra 2RM as the call fee, even though it is not a phone booking. Now that I have found this website I shall start taking numbers and making complaints but form the sounds of the above comments, little is done to enforce the use of meters.


I am living around Seksyen 13, Shah alam. I am frequently using KTM from Batu Tiga. As what i have been noticing for the past 5 months, all the taxies in Stesyen Komuter Batu tiga does not using the meter. Eventhough the meter is on, but the fare their are charging is not accordingly. The fixed fare rate by the taxi drivers from Stesyen Komuter Batu Tiga to nearby places are as shown below:

Giant, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam RM7.00
Apartment Brunsfield, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam RM 6.00
Apartment Ilham, U1, Bukit Jelutung RM 8.00

However, the meter fare is followed only on peak hours, during heavy traffic jam. I feel it is really unfair for the passengers. Im willing to make a complain regarding this matter. Can anyone guide me, please?


Thanks for the message.

The best solution is to make a complaint to the Land Public Transport Commission. Send your email to or fill in their online complaint form. You can get links to the SPAD website and information on how to complain on the top left side of our blogsite.

We also suggest that you send letters to the news media regarding this issue. The addresses for the English language dailies are:

If you are not satisfied by the investigation or the results, please let us know.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I took a cab from flora damansara to one salayang around 12:15PM the india taxi driver made use of the meter when i got home at One salayang the meter fee was 107RM i was angree and he told me that there is still an additional midnight charges and the total was 200RM i took his taxi number after paying the fee in bitterness. I am currently writing a journal on this issue to my brother at cnn news.

This issue has to be addressed immediately.

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