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Photos of KTM Sentul-Batu Caves extension

Readers may recall our recent posting on Thaipusam shuttle train services operated by KTM.

The KTM line from Sentul to Batu Caves has been double tracked and electrified but unfortunately, the interior work at all the stations has not been completed.  The full work will only be completed in March and the Sentul-Batu Caves extension will only open in April 2010.

But that does not stop KTM Komuter from operating trains on the line – which is what they have done for the 2010 Thaipusam weekend.

At KTM’s own facebook page they have posted photos of the Thaipusam 2010  shuttle train services.

Because the construction work at the Sentul station is not complete, passengers had to climb stairs to board the trains. This is a bit disappointing because it means that the OKU community was not able to enjoy the service to Thaipusam – a sad and disappointing situation that could have been dealt with a bit better.

The shuttle trains passed through  Batu Kantonment, Kg. Batu and Taman Wahyu without stopping.

Batu Caves station is complete and had been opened to the public.

TRANSIT would like to congratulate KTMB employees for making the best of the situation once again (the incomplete construction) and providing improved shuttle services for public transport users.

We hope that KTMB will continue to remember the OKU community and ensure that they have the same opprtunities to enjoy the rich tapestry of cultures that makes Malaysia so great.

If you went to Thaipusam at Batu Caves and took photos of the KTM Shuttle trains, or if you went to Thaipusam in Penang and took photos of the RapidPenang shuttle buses, please email these photos to us at or post the links / photos below.

Thank you in advance and once again, Happy Thaipusam 2010!

14 replies on “Photos of KTM Sentul-Batu Caves extension”

Waiting expectantly, but I’m curious whether the platform shown in photo 6 of KTM’s facebook page meets the safety requirement. There’s hardly enough space for a skinny person to walk between the wall and the yellow line.

congrat to KTMB for their cool effort to help reduce congestion during the festive. but i still wondering is it OK for the public to use those extended network (sentul – Bt Cave) when it’s still under cons?what about the DOR got to say with safety?are there any vandalism happen?

As per ethan comment, i do feel its quite not enough space on that platform. but it may so happen becoz of the site constraint they has to design it that way.


TRANSIT was informed that all the stations on the extension are complete with the exception of the Sentul Integrated station. You can see from the photos that construction work is still going on.

Regarding the platform width, we will ask KTMB for details.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Tq mr Moaz of TRANSIT for the quick response, but i think the stations still in construction and not yet completed as claimed by your source. They will only finish it by Mac 2010, and until now i dont think they have electrified the Sentul-Bt Cave lines. Wondering if they use the hybrid emu during Thaipusam to commute passengers to Bt Cave.

What about ticketing?they dont have the AFC machine form sentul to bt cave. so how do they collect ticket for that section?prorate maybe?

Ticketing system is a mess, and yet we know it is vital component for any Public Transportation System to work. What are the gov is doing on that?maybe NKRA has something to say about intergrated ticketing?1 ticket and u can use all PT modes in KL?i wish i could see the day.


Thanks for your comments.

The hybrid train was used for shuttle service to Batu Caves, but we do not know if there were any EMU trains used. We will get KTM to confirm the details.

Regarding the in-between stations, we did not see how they went ahead with ticket collection. But the stations will have the fare collection machines when the station starts operating.

Regarding the 1 ticket system, there is a proposal in the Urban Public Transport NKRA for something called ‘1Ticket 1Seamless Journey’ which will be using the Touch ‘n’ Go system as the platform, as well as some paper passes. We have no specific details except that it is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Happen to pass by the area today and checked out this anomaly at Kg Batu station. There’s a ~1.5m wide platform to the right of the yellow lift shaft. Space constraints shouldn’t be an issue as to the right of the picture is the parking lot.

The way this station was designed, passengers exiting the train take the lift/escalator/stairs to the upper floor; I reckon they should be hitting the turnstiles as soon as they reach that floor. Immediately pass the turnstiles would again be the escalators/stairs for descend to the ground floor exit. The arrangement would be problematic if lines were to form at the turnstiles.

The same anomaly doesn’t exist at Bt Kentonmen station.

Both stations are very car-centric. Approach the station and you would be welcomed by the sea of parking. The pedestrian pathway at Bt Kentonmen, in particular, is circuitous and have sections that are hidden from view and may be unsafe to walk alone.

On the plus side: Porous paving for the parking lots. However, the insufficient drainage causes minor flooding in many areas of the parking lot. One driver was probably washing his car’s underbody as he was driving through a deep puddle many times.


Thanks for the comments. It is unfortunate that the newest stations on the KTM Komuter line have been designed to be very car centric but that is the culture as it is in Malaysia – it will take time to rebuild & redesign our cities to make them more people-centred (or in some cases, make them people-centred once again).

Any photos you take are welcome & we will be happy to post them for you (or you can add the links in your comments).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Syahrin

The last we heard was that the extension of KTM Komuter service using EMU trainsets has been delayed to 1 June to allow KTM time to complete work at the stations and complete the troubleshooting.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

we will be visiting Batu Caves by november 2012.any update on the new station?is Batu Caves now accessible by riding KTM Komuter line from KL Sentral direct to Batu Caves?


The station is open and you can ride directly from KL Sentral to Batu Caves station.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

ps. sorry for the delay in our response.


I do not know whether you are referring to KL Sentral – Batu Caves or to Kuala Lumpur – Batu Caves. Either way, since they are in the same zone, the fare is:

Single (RM) Return (RM)
CHILD 1.00 2.00
ADULT 2.00 4.00

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

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