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KTM Update: Photos, video & comments from ETS trainset handover

As most would know by now, KTMB has received the first of 5 Electric Multiple Unit trainsets which will be operated on the Ipoh-KL-Seremban route. The handover ceremony for the first train was yesterday (15 December) at Kuala Lumpur station, followed by an open house (open train?) until 5pm.

Today (16 December) the train is at Ipoh Railway station from 9am-5pm.

A view of the ETS Trainset
A view of the ETS Trainset. Image courtesy of TRANSIT

TRANSIT was graciously invited to the handover by KTMB staff and we expressed our thanks to them at the ceremony.

Ironically, the train arrived on time but the Minister of Transport was 1 hour late. But that did not matter too much as it gave those present time for an enjoyable rehearsal.

Enjoy the video & photos and weblinks.

Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat receives artwork of the new ETS train from KTM Chair Mohd Dzin Mohamed. Image courtesy of the Star

Many more images can be found online


We were happy to be at the handover and launching for the ETS trainset because it represents the hope of KTMB staff and customers for newer, better quality of KTM services.

While at the event, TRANSIT took the time to speak to a number of important parties and asked some questions of the Minister of Transport during the media Q & A session.

TRANSIT spoke to Azizullah, who is in charge of ETS Sdn. Bhd. (a KTMB subsidiary) about his plans for the ETS service, the branding of ETS, and plans for expansion.

We also spoke to Dr. Aminuddun, the President of KTMB, about the ETS service. It was a pleasant surprise to hear him say that the ETS was 2 years late and that KTMB would have to work hard to catch up.

We discussed his plans for the restructuring of the company which will see the various divisions (Komuter, Intercity, Freight) become separate companies under the KTMB group structure, and purchase of more ETS trainsets and 38 additional EMUs for the KTM Komuter service.

Dr. Aminuddin also talked about the possibility of selling track time to other interested companies who might like to operate train services along the KTM rail lines. We discussed the advantages, disadvantages and issues experienced in some countries that introduced railway deregulation  (especially the UK). Dr. Aminuddin also invited TRANSIT to a dialogue about ways to improve services.

TRANSIT also spoke to Hider Yusof, manager of KTM Komuter services. We discussed the number of available trains and the progress of the overhaul. TRANSIT was told that the target is to return 1 train to service each month and that the Komuter division would have 30 trains operating by March 2010. The current hybrid trains would then be reactivated as Electric Multiple Units.

Hider also mentioned efforts to improve KTMB staff’s customer service training, and TRANSIT will give feedback on our observations and some issues that concern the public.

8 replies on “KTM Update: Photos, video & comments from ETS trainset handover”

Hi, from the photo, the space for seating quite tight to put luggage. Where can I place my luggage, e.g. 25″ in safe place?

I have taken six time so far with ETS from KL to Ipoh, vey upset to me was that not even a time ETS arrived less than 2 hrs as what they have promised to the public.

The ETS schedule from KL to Ipoh at 1852 hrs should be revise to 1735 hrs because it crash with the KTM which both arrived in Ipoh at about 2055 hrs.

I was surprise why till now no improvement on the departure signage to tell passager where to await for the ETS. Perhaps it should be comment sense to all public that we should wait on the KTM station but not infront the ETS office or the bus stop or texi stand. How can it happen after the ETS to Ipoh has departed towards to KL station and U turn back to pick up the passagers in KL central? What a big JOKE?

The journey from KL to Ipoh about 2 hrs was torturing by the TV programs that showing the revolution of the ETS. It was repeat, repeat and repeat thought out the journey. Don’t you have any other TV programe (Movie, Animal documation, Sains Technology, Cartoon or Tourism Malaysia programe?

I have been travelling using the ETS everyday since 11 Jan 2011 communting from Tanjong Malim to KL Sentral at 6.40 am; and KL Sentral to Tanjong Malim at 6.48 pm from Mon – Fri. Thus. I am a daily commuter on ETS so I buy my tickets way in advance. Because of the excellent services, convinient and being reliable , I choose ETS although the price is the most expensive as compared to KTM shuttle or commuter. Thus, I buy my tickets in advance for the whole week.

However, when I wanted to buy the tickets for 28 Feb – 4 Mar, I was told by the counter at KL Sentral that I could only buy ticket for 28 Feb due to new schedule and new rate for March. She asked me to check again Monday 28 Feb. I did check this morning at 8 am at the same counter and to my dissapointment was told that the schedule is still not available and keep on saying the price will go up. There were at least 8 other people queuing to purchase ETS tickets whom walked away. Public will pay eventhough the price is up because of the excellent service.
But why cant the schedule be available in advance even with effective date as of 1 March 2011? so that public who plan their schedule in advance can be satisfied. People should be encouraged to plan and not do things last minute in order to progress. Thank you.


Thank you for your message – and it certainly appears that KTM was not forthcoming with information about their new schedule and fares. The best suggestion that we can give here is that you take your complaint public (local media) and also send your complaint to KTMB communications as well as to SPAD.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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