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Last chance to join us on the FREE tour of the ERL Depot (9 December)


Dear Friends

TRANSIT refers you to our FREE scheduled tour of the ERL Depot which will take place on 9 December 2009.

There is still room for 8 people to join the tour (aside from the ones who have already signed up).

So if you are interested, visit this link and sign up today! We need to have names asap!

Remember, the tour is FREE but it is Wednesday, 9 December only and for people above 13 years of age.

List of Names

  1. Moaz
  2. Diana
  3. Hazman
  4. Ang
  5. Mohamed Rais
  6. Muhammad Safwan
  7. Joel
  8. YOU!

For those who are attending, we will meet at the KLIA Transit entrance, KL Sentral station, from 8:30 am. We must be on board the train by 9:15!

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