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Close call on Boston Subway (includes video)

TRANSIT mentioned yesterday on our twitter feed that we had heard of the miraculous close call on the Boston Subway.

Here is the report from the Boston Herald

T drivers hailed for ‘swift action’ (Boston Herald)

Two quick-thinking T lifesavers were hailed as heroes yesterday for bringing a barreling Orange Line train to a screeching stop inches from a drunken woman who’d fallen in its path at North Station Friday night.

Orange Line motorwoman Charice Lewis, 27, of Mattapan and Orange Line inspector Jacqueline Osorio, 29, of Dorchester were lauded by transportation secretary Jeffrey B. Mullan for their “swift, decisive action” in helping the 26-year-old Cambridge woman escape certain death around 10:24 p.m. Friday.

For more information and a video report click here


Kudos to the two employees of the T, Boston’s transit service. We still cannot watch that video without feeling scared. Someone in Boston is very lucky to be alive.

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