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Feedback Forms

The residents of USJ and Subang Jaya worked together to create some very effective public announcements of the LRT extension.

Aside from a website, they have also designed specific feedback forms and placed banners around USJ and Subang Jaya to help raise awareness.

English Feedback form in .pdf format
(to download, Right Click and “save target as”)

Borang bantahan Bahasa Malaysia dalam .pdf (untuk muat turun, sila tekan butang kanan dan “save target as”)

TRANSIT will be providing a more generic feedback form here and we encourage users to use it and give feedback directly to the Department of Railways.

Remember, for feedback to be considered official, it must be tendered in writing to the Department of Railways. Despite the email address ( posted that their website, we have not received a confirmation from the Department of Railways that they will consider email feedback as official.

For the moment, remember that for the feedback to be official it must be in ‘black and white.’

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