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Be fair with the bus fares

This letter by Lily Fu of Ampang caught the attention of TRANSIT. Moaz from TRANSIT even decided to read out the letter as part of his speech at the National Summit on Urban Public Transport – and one member of the audience was Naimah Ramli, Deputy Director of the CVLB.

Be fair with the bus fares
LILY FU, Ampang

BUS fares in the Klang Valley went up on Sept 1. While RapidKL has made available special concession passes for senior citizens, Metro bus company has not done so, even though they do offer this privilege to senior citizens. So every time I board a Metro bus, I get into a confrontation with the bus conductor.

Senior citizens aged 60 and above are entitled to half fare. This is stated clearly on the notices pasted all over the insides of the Metro buses. But the conductor invariably insists I pay the full fare. This is how some of them argue: “The boss never informed us of this half fare”; “You don’t look like you are 60 plus”; “The new ruling is 65 years and more”; “None of the elderly passengers have asked for half fare”; “We don’t have time to check all the identity cards”; “As you wish, but I’ll report to my boss about this”; “It’s the Hari Raya school holidays, no concession”; and “It’s a short distance, so we can’t accept half fare”.

The 50 per cent off may not sound like much, but it all adds up to a tidy sum at the end of the month for a retiree or pensioner.

Now wouldn’t it be lovely to board a Metro bus and when you take your money out to pay the full fare, the conductor smilingly tells you, “Auntie, you only need to pay half fare”. That would certainly make my day.


Shame! Shame on the conductors for trying to take advantage of passengers. Shame on Metrobus and the CVLB for turning a blind eye to these actions!

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