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Temporary bus depot to replace Puduraya

TRANSIT took note of this interesting news, of a temporary bus depot to replace PuduRaya while construction works take place.

The details:

  • Located at Section 56 Jalan Hang Tuah;
  • Junction of Jalan Galloway and Jalan Pudu;
  • To be built in 2 phases, Ready by January 2010;
  • Cost approximately RM6.2 million;
  • 1.9ha, capacity of 135 buses at one time;
  • Construction began 3 weeks ago;
  • Facilities like public toilets, bus washing area, rest area for drivers, prayer rooms, changing rooms, and car and motorcycle parking bays;
  • Will be retained once Puduraya is completed [TRANSIT: Perhaps this temporary bus depot will become the bus staging area for KL’s stage buses].

From the media:


TRANSIT is interested to hear the news about the temporary terminal – we expect that it will be designed with universal design principles and accessibility in mind to ensure that bus passengers and commuters will have a good experience.

Once PuduRaya is reopened, we expect that the bus depot be retained as a staging area for city buses, so that buses no longer wait around and block traffic along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Jalan Hang Tuah and other areas in the centre of KL.

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