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Update on Cleanliness & Hygiene on public transport

The recent letter by Moaz from TRANSIT has raised some awareness about the cleanliness issues.

A report in the Malay Mail gathered information and comments about how bus and train operators were responding to the cleanliness and hygiene concerns that have increased in the presence of H1N1.

RapidKL, being the main service provider of public transportation in the Klang Valley, has been taking steps to deal with the pandemic.

“We have taken many steps such as forming a special task force to deal with the problem. We also issued a communique to our staff on the pandemic and apart from that RapidKL is also in the process of getting pharmaceutical companies to supply sanitisers for LRT stations,” said Ebi Azly Abdullah, general manager (communications division) RapidKL.

Malay Mail was also told that all front liners of RapidKL and all security officers are provided with gloves and masks. For operations staff, sanitisers are provided at RapidKL offices, bus depots and bus stops.

“Every morning before the start of duties, the temperature of the staff is taken to ensure that our workers are healthy. If they have a fever they will be asked to go to a clinic for a check up immediately,” said Ebi

This report in the Star talks about how restrooms in KL Sentral station have been provided with anti-bacterial soap and a hygiene awareness campaign will be taking place over the Ramadan month in response to the increased number of travelers. There is also a similar report in the New Straits Times.

We at TRANSIT hope and expect that the vigilance and attention to cleanliness and hygiene lasts long beyond the H1N1 hype and the busy Ramadan month.

As always, TRANSIT reminds public transport users to exercise awareness about cleanliness and hygiene while using public transport.  Although it may be hard to avoid people due to crowding, users can prevent contamination of surfaces and transmission of germs, viruses and bacteria by doing all of the following:

  • Use tissues, handkerchiefs or gloves when touching surfaces;
  • Use tissues to sneeze or cough and dispose of these tissues as quickly as possible;
  • use the Touch ‘N’ Go card to reduce the need to touch surfaces – at the ticket vending machines, ticket counter, etc. – and avoid touching paper money or coins;
  • carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it regularly (e.g. after touching surfaces) or whenever necessary.

If you have any other tips, please share them in our comments section below.

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