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Proposed Extension of Kelana Jaya line (NOT finalized)


Since the public display has begun, we would like you to refer to our Public Display for LRT Extensions posting & Updates page for more accurate information about the route stations of the Kelana Jaya line extension.

TRANSIT attended the dialogue in the hope that the consultants would have copies of their presentation and proposed route available for the public.

Unfortunately, the consultant indicated that they were not able to give out copies of the presentation. It was also requested that audience members not take pictures of the presentation since this was only a proposal.

So instead of taking pictures, the members of TRANSIT looked very closely and listened to the questions and took note of important points.

And then we went home and reproduced the maps of the proposed route, using satellite images from google earth.

What is shown below is only our surmise of the proposed route, using images from google earth. It is only a proposal from Prasarana and has not been approved yet.  The 3 months public display period is still to come and given the amount of feedback expected, there will be a lot of questions.

Presentation Highlights

Dato’ Idrose mentioned some very important and specific details related to the extension of the Kelana Jaya line, which we reproduce here.

Technical information:

  • Length of KJL extension – 17.7 km
  • Number of stations: 12 (including 7 in Subang Jaya & USJ)
  • Number of Park & Ride: 3 (at KTM Subang Jaya, USJ Summit and USJ 19) with capacity for 1000-1500 cars each; [TRANSIT presumes that there would be a 4th Park & Ride at Putra Heights – since they do not have any bus system there and because it is an integrated station with the Ampang Line]
  • Construction period – approximately 3 years – with completion targeted for 2013;
  • Commutershed – approximately 300,000 people will be served by the extension of the Kelana Jaya Line.

Communities Served (directly):

  • Lembah Subang
  • Kelana Jaya
  • Subang Jaya
  • USJ
  • Putra Heights

Route Followed:

Dato’ Idrose indicated that, wherever possible they would use existing government reserve land (6-lane roads & expressways, TNB reserve, river reserve) to minimize the need to buy properties. Hence the LRT will follow the routes below:

  • Subang Airport Road – from the Dana station to the Pusat Bandar Kelana Jaya area;
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad Reserve – from the Pusat Bandar Kelana Jaya area to the Subang Jaya KTM station;
  • KTM Pelabuhan Klang subdivision – from KTM Subang Jaya to Jalan Jengka;
  • Jalan Jengka – from the KTM Subdivision to the KESAS highway;
  • KESAS highway – from Jalan Jengka to Persiaran Kewajipan & Summit USJ station;
  • Persiaran Kewajipan – from Summit USJ station to Taipan 2 USJ21 station (USJ/HICOM/LDP interchange);
  • USJ Hicom Road – from the interchange to Subang Alam;
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad Reserve – from Subang Alam to Putra Heights.  

Lembah Subang – Subang Jaya section

The Lembah Subang – Subang Jaya section of the line includes 3-4 possible stations, at:

  • Lembah Subang (the LRT depot) – serving the residents of Lembah Subang and Kelana Jaya (SS7 near the Football Association of Selangor field);
  • Dana 1 – serving the residents and businesses in the Dana 1 and 2 residential complexes. There is also potential for integration with bus routes (including a shuttle bus to Subang Airport) if the station is built along Subang Airport Road;
  • Kelana Jaya Commercial Centre – serving the SS7 community located at the west end of Kelana Jaya, including the LHDN (Inland Revenue), MAS training centre, Kelana Jaya park & Stadium Petaling Jaya (some distance away);
  • Subang Jaya Komuter station – an integrated station will be built at the site of the KTM Komuter station, allowing the LRT to come directly over the KTM platforms. This station will serve SS16 and SS15 in Subang Jaya.
TRANSIT's reproduction of the proposed extension from Lembah Subang to Subang Jaya
TRANSIT’s reproduction of the proposed extension from Lembah Subang to Subang Jaya – this route is NOT finalized.

Subang Jaya – USJ Section

The Subang Jaya – USJ section of the line includes 7 stations, located at:

  • Subang Jaya KTM station (as described above);
  • Jalan Jengka/SS15 – serving the SS15 commercial area and residential areas in SS15 and SS17;
  • Jalan Jengka/SS18 School – serving the SS14 and SS18 residential areas; 
  • Summit USJ – serving the Summit USJ commercial complex and residential areas and commercial areas behind Summit, as well as USJ1 and USJ2;
  • USJ8 – serving the Goodyear Court residential areas in USJ7, 8 and 9;
  • USJ19 – serving the USJ14-19 residential area;
  • USJ21 Taipan 2 – serving the Taipan 2 commercial area – station will be located near a ‘unused multi-story car park.’

It is interesting to note that the proposal has already been adjusted so that the LRT will not follow the controversial route along the monsoon drain in SS14.  Instead, the LRT will follow Jalan Jengka to the KESAS highway, then follow the KESAS highway to USJ Summit.

TRANSIT also notes that the original proposal to run the LRT through the industrial area in USJ2 has been modified with the LRT following Persiaran Kewajipan from Summit all the way to the USJ-Hicom-LDP junction.

TRANSIT's reproduction of the proposed route from Subang Jaya Komuter station to USJ8 - NOT Finalized
TRANSIT's reproduction of the proposed route from Subang Jaya Komuter station to USJ8 - routing is NOT Finalized

 USJ – Putra Heights Section

The USJ – Putra Heights Section was tougher to determine, partly because the presentation focused on the Subang Jaya and USJ areas. From what we surmized, there are 1-2 stations in this section, namely:

  • USj21 Taipan 2 (as described above);
  • Subang Alam – actually in Shah Alam;
  • Putra Heights – the station will be located at the commercial centre – this will also be the site of the Putra Heights station on the Ampang line.
The proposed extension of the Kalana Jaya line through USJ and towards Putra Heights
The proposed extension of the Kalana Jaya line through USJ and towards Putra Heights - routing is NOT finalized.

Larger versions of the reproductions above can be seen at the links below:

Once again, we state clearly that these are reproductions by TRANSIT, not the original presentation/proposal from Prasarana. The routes seen in that proposal and these reproductions have not been finalized and are subject to change.

We are presenting these reproductions because we believe that the public have a right to know more about the planning and development process.

By the way, for those who are interested, the first article have finally appeared:

16 replies on “Proposed Extension of Kelana Jaya line (NOT finalized)”


We will provide a separate posting about the Sunway and Lagoon Perdana area with information about the available options.

At the presentation, Dato’ Idrose of Prasarana mentioned the option of redesigning the Sunway monorail to link the two lines.

TRANSIT suggests that the KL Monorail be extended past MidValley, along Old Klang Road and Jalan Puchong to Puchong Jaya, then across the river to Sunway and finish at the Summit in USJ.


Moaz for TRANSIT

Hi, any indication of where exactly the final Putra Heights Station will be? I’m concerned Putra Heights resident.

Hi Peter.

Thank you for your comment and question.

At this time we at TRANSIT are not sure about the exact location of the Putra Heights station, but it is likely to be near the Giant complex and the Putra Heights interchange.

This is to facilitate the interchange of both the Ampang and Kelana Jaya LRT lines and the construction of the park & ride facility.

TRANSIT also believes that there may be a bus and taxi terminal (the option for a bus service to the airport and Sepang Circuit as well as taxi services are clear).

We are unsure, but it is possible that the LRT depot may be moved from Kelana Jaya to Putra Heights.

We will keep the website updated with information as we receive it.


Moaz for TRANSIT

Do you manage to get the proposed location for the line extension from Sri Petaling station to Puchong, for Ampang/Sri Petaling line and meet with Kelana Jaya line at Putra Heights? Thank you.

Hi John

Thank you for your comment and question.

The briefing was made to focus on the Kelana Jaya LRT and more specifically on plans for Subang Jaya and USJ. Hence, not much was said about the extnesion of the Ampang line.

Dato’ Idrose did mention that there would be stations at Kinrara and IOI mall. As for the Putra Heights Interchange station, it is expected to be in the commercial area at the south end of Putra Heights.

We will post more details as we get the information.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

We are not sure yet. The initial report from the Star suggests that the line will go to Puchong Intan (LDP extension) not Puchong Perdana.

However, it is likely that there will be a station near Puchong Perdana. We will have more information posted tomorrow.

Moaz for TRANSIT

please consider extending to Shah Alam areas since there will be a station on ols Subang airport road? Shah Alam is a big and growing residential area hence forward planning is required to prevent traffic congestion in the near future.
Since there will be stations in Kota Damansara and Old Subang Airport (and since shah alam is connected to the two) it would be good to not leave that out as part of proper and holistic planning.

It is very important that better rail service be provided for Shah Alam. An extension of the LRT westwards to the Stadium area is one of TRANSIT’s proposals.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

That is quite possible. Since Shah Alam has a lot of open space and wide roads, it is easy to start with a bus rapid transit system before looking at anything else.


Moaz for TRANSIT

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