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Penang Ferry Takeover

As the Penang Ferry takeover has recently entered the news, TRANSIT has been following the issue closely.  For this reason, we are creating a special post to discuss the Penang Ferry takeover.  We hope to update this post regularly with information and commentary.

Article: Ex PPC Chief to rescue Penang’s iconic tourist attraction

Commentary: Penang gov’t right in revamping ferry service

Article: Solve bus problem first, Tan tells Penang govt


TRANSIT believes that what happens with the Penang Ferry takeover will be significant for the success of public transport within the state.  For this reason, we are keeping close watch on what is happening with the Penang Ferry takeover. 

From our early observations, the state government is clearly moving towards the creation of a local public transport authority run by the state government.  The state is doing its best to gain indirect control of Government-linked bus services (through leasing agreements with RapidPenang), improvements to the KTM service (through the construction of Penang Sentral) and better ferry services (through the takeover of the Penang Ferry).

Once the government has organized these assets under the existing Public Transport Council, there will be futher opportunities to manage and improve service.

TRANSIT gives guarded applause to the State Government of Penang for moving forward to improve and organiize public transport within the state – in spite of the comments and resistance from the clearly hostile, entrenched civil service agencies working through a culture of centralization.

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