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Images of new Tanjung Malim Station

While TRANSIT has expressed their concern about the opening of the Tanjung Malim station (which is stretching out an already overstretched KTM Komuter service) we cannot resist the temptation of a new public transport service.

There is still the element of “railfan” and “busfan” within many in TRANSIT and many of our supporters.

Inside KTM Tanjung Malim - Image courtesy of TWK90

So when TRANSIT noticed a series of bright, detailed and colourful pictures of Tanjung Malim Komuter Station posted by our friend TWK90 at the forum, we had to provide a link for you. 

For photos (like the one above), please visit the posting on

One reply on “Images of new Tanjung Malim Station”

Touch screen ticketing machines? I just hope:

1) they will maintain it and not let them end up like those on KJ line;
2) the machines would react immediately to the touch, unlike the “lembab” (slow) ones on KJ line;
3) the machines would not have some rule that say: This machine only accept one piece of bank note, like on the KJ line.

Ok, you get the drift!

Boy, it’s high time they get a new supplier for the electronic boards that still date from the 80s! Bigger boards would allow them to say “This train is not in service”, or “Train delayed 30 mins”.
Still, the turnstiles are a welcome improvement.

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