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Klang’s curse

As promised, more information about public transport issues in Klang.

Klang’s curse
By NEVASH NAIR February 20, 2009 Categories: News

Klang folk must be cursing their luck, for their woes appear to be endless. Days after Malay Mail reported inaction by the Klang Municipal Council over the poor maintenance of facilities and garbage collection in the royal town, an old problem has returned to haunt its residents.

A check yesterday showed that some bus operators were still operating from the old terminal in the middle of Klang town, causing traffic congestion.

Even with the presence of traffic police at major junctions, traffic still comes to a standstill during peak hours.

Buses continue to wait outside the now-closed North Klang bus terminal.
Buses continue to wait outside the now-closed North Klang bus terminal.

Many passengers met at the old bus terminal said certain bus operators have refused to use the RM12 million Klang Sentral bus terminal at Jalan Meru that opened in December, and continued to pick-up and drop-off passengers at the old terminal.

One frequent user of the bus service, who did not want to be named, said: “We understand that most bus operators in Klang have moved, but some have not. This is causing inconvenience for those who need to take a transit bus to work or get home.”

It was learnt that these bus operators did not want to incur extra cost by picking up passengers from Klang Sentral, as it is away from the town centre.

Bus operators, however, did not comment on the issue.


We have said it again and again. Keep both terminals operating for the benefit of passengers and the government and the bus operators.

Remember the MPK has made a significant investment to build the North Klang bus terminal. For that reason, they need to keep the terminal open.  Area traders and businesses have invested in the community based on the North Klang bus terminal.  Their economic livelihood depends on the presence of the bus terminal.

Both terminals can be economically successful if they have good, reliable and frequent public transport service. But as you can see from the photo above, public transport service is not reliable.

Bus operators are partly responsible here – because they are using the pajak system and because the allow drivers to wait for passengers (this waiting causes congestion).

But closing the North Klang bus terminal has only made the existing congestion worse – and for this reason, we have to ask why the MPK is so adamant to keep the North Klang terminal closed.

The solutions to the problems are so tantalizingly close and this makes it even more frustrating.

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