KTM Komuter (Klang Valley)

Q & A Regarding KTM KOMUTER

1. Track
They should upgrade and improve so that the train speed can be at maximum which will
reduce the turn around time. Therefore they will get one or two extra train set.

The best way to do this would be to install a standard gauge track but this would be costly. Dual gauge would be a good option because it would allow KTM freight and KTM Komuter operations on the same set of track.

Perhaps a dual-gauge of the KTM Komuter track in the inner Klang Valley (e.g. from Klang – Batu Caves and Seremban-Rawang) would benefit the KTM by allowing them to offer a faster train service.

However, you can see that this would be very costly to implement and might require the train service to be shut down.

I do hope that all future lines can be designed as dual-gauge.

2. Speed entering station.

The speed entering the station also should be increased.

It is very likely that this is a safety issue or a track quality issue

3. Signalling System

I am wondering why trains leaving KL Sentral towards Mid Valley has to stop. It shouldn’t because the route is not affecting other movement. They should review and improve the whole signalling system at KL Sentral in order to eliminate waiting.

3. Trains exiting KL Sentral and bound for MidValley may be forced to wait to allow other trains (especially the intercity trains) to clear signals. A study has been done recommending a tunneling of service for KTM Komuter under the existing track from MidValley and Bangsar to Putra station. The cost would be RM10 billion but the advantage would be that KTM Komuter could operate at faster speeds through the city.

At this time, I dont believe the benefits justify the cost of tunneling.

4. Seats

Notice some set already have been modified to only one row. But majority still have not. Maybe they depend on the contractor to do it. Can’t it be done by their own staff. It is very simple. If only 20 sets …..I guess it can be completed in 20 days…

The contract for refurbishment was decided by the Finance Ministry and not KTMB. KTMB is unhappy with the contractors because they delayed the return of the trains and were too slow. I believe that the contract with the private operator has been cancelled and KTMB has taken over the refurbishment of the KTM Komuter trains.

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