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4 Hurt In KL Light Rail Transit Collision

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — Four passengers were injured when two Star LRT trains collided about 200m from the Bukit Jalil LRT station.

The four were sent to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre for treatment. Some 300 other passengers were unhurt.

The incident occurred at 6.32pm.

A RapidKL executive, Suffian Baharuddin, said the incident could be due to a technical glitch.

“We hope to return to normal services tomorrow. The incident is being investigated,” he said.

Suffian said as a result of the incident, services in both directions near the Sungai Besi, Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling were suspended for the rest of the day. — Bernama

One reply on “4 Hurt In KL Light Rail Transit Collision”

So, the politicians are starting to jump in and castigate RapidKL.

Sure, they got two letters…but are those two letters related to what happened at the Bukit Jalil station? Or is the Minister of Transport trying to make an allegation against RapidKL?

Why not state clearly what was in those letters – instead of trying to make unfounded allegations against RapidKL.

As for the newspaper, I would like to point out that this is a fine example of bias in a headline. The newspaper is trying to lead the audience into believing that RapidKL has a history of problems. Whether it is true or not, it is not the role of the newspaper to pass judgement here.

And, regarding one of the statements, it is clear that the newspaper writer knows very little about train systems. Passenger trains do not have “wagons” they have “carriages” because they carry people, not goods.

Cheers, Moaz

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