Go see the MRT Mock-up at KL Sentral

TRANSIT notes that MRT Malaysia has placed a full-scale partial mockup of the MRT train at the KLIA Express Arrivals Hall at KL Sentral.

This article in the International Railway Journal includes an excellent photo.
The Siemens Inspiro train mockup (with full livery and interior design elements) represents the first time TRANSIT has seen a mockup displayed publicly in Malaysia … a step forward in “public display” techniques. It is not public consultation as we want to see it but it is a step forward.


We note that we have long talked about the value of public interaction with the spaces they occupy…and these spaces include the trains, concourses and platforms of the rail system. We first made a public call for a mockup before the introduction of the first 4 – carriage train for the Kelana Jaya Line, and have made similar calls for the new KL Monorail and Ampang line trains.

We hope that our readers will take the opportunity to see the MRT mockup at KL Sentral and we expect that MRT Malaysia will take public feedback on the design of the train.

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