Crowdsourcing for Budget 2014

The Malaysian Government is crowdsourcing ideas for the 2014 budget at

Here is our feedback:

In  order to support the use of public transport,  there should be a reward for those who are everyday users of public transport because they are not clogging the roads & polluting the air.

Transit Malaysia proposes that the government offer income tax credits of minimum RM300 to those who purchase 12 monthly public transport passes in one tax year. Lesser credits would be made available to those who purchase fewer than 12 passes.

TRANSIT has also made the following comment and proposal:

Public transport in Malaysia is unreliable, infrequent and plagued by inefficient competition. The government plans to put “RAPID” bus services in every major capital city. However, these companies would not be local or locally accountable and would instead answer to decisions made by Prasarana in KL.

TRANSIT Malaysia proposes that the government create local/regional public transport organizing authorities to manage and organize public transport services in the Klang Valley and other economic regions.

There is obviously more to be said, especially on the failure of our existing poorly-regulated, non-accountable and ineffective public transport system,but we only had 500 characters available in which to post.

TRANSIT asks for your support in promoting comments that support efficient, wise investments that will improve public transport operations throughout Malaysia.

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