JB incident: Bus transit must be inclusive to all, regardless of age

Few days ago, Harian Metro reported a very disturbing news. TRANSIT calls upon both PAIM (as the responsible transit authority for Iskandar Malaysia area, which includes Johor Bahru) and SPAD (as the responsible legislator of land public transport bylaws) to take the needs of senior transit users very seriously.

Many, many years ago (early 90s), SJ Kenderaan (the bus company that was bought over by the now-defunct Intrakota) had deployed a bus fleet (the Isuzu model with rear tires half-visible) with security features that prevent the buses from moving if the rear door wasn’t completely shut. Mind you, this was 20 years ago.

Transit authorities need to work with local councils to ensure safe same-level platform boarding for bus users, such as depicted above (picture taken in India). Same-level boarding must not wait for a BRT system. It can work with any form of bus service.

TRANSIT demands that PAIM commits to a transparent investigation and release a postmortem report to the public (e.g. such as this recommendation on rear door safety concern by the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) that ensures such tragedy will never happen AGAIN.

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