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Passengers flee as ceiling gives way at Alor Gajah Sentral terminal

TRANSIT took note of this story from Alor Gajah, Malacca

Passengers flee as ceiling gives way (The Star)
Monday February 27, 2012

MALACCA: Fifteen passengers ran helter-skelter when a portion of the ceiling of the Alor Gajah Sentral terminal collapsed after a downpour and strong wind.

It is learnt that the entire ground floor area was flooded during the incident which occurred near the ticket counters at about 12.30am yesterday.

Security guard Sabirah Dihat, 48, said it was fortunate that the collapse did not occur near the waiting area for passengers.

“The wind was strong and it was raining heavily when I heard a crashing sound.

“I rushed out and saw that the ceiling had collapsed and the floor was wet,” she said here yesterday, adding that the passengers then rushed out of the building.

Meanwhile, Alor Gajah Municipal (MPAG) councillor Shadan Othman said the heavy rain might have caused the ceiling to collapse.

“Our initial investigations discovered that some water pipes above the ceiling were clogged with the corpses of pigeons,” he said.

A thorough investigation would be conducted to find out exactly how and why a portion of the ceiling gave way, Shadan said.

The council, he noted, had cordoned off the building and the public could buy tickets from special counters set up outside.

Built at a cost of RM3.3mil, the terminal, known as AG Sentral, was completed in June last year.


We were obviously surprised to read of this news, but glad that people were not injured. We look forward to the results of the investigation.

2 replies on “Passengers flee as ceiling gives way at Alor Gajah Sentral terminal”

Proper maintenance culture is sorely lacking.

What is benefit of spending millions of ringgits on new projects when millions more are siphoned off from other budgets to do the repairs?

Should not the maintenance supervisors taken to task?

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