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Selangor gov’t joins global campaign to cut carbon footprint


TRANSIT welcomes the 10:10 Global team's as well as the Selangor Government's campaign to create awareness on practicable steps individuals can take to reduce carbon footprints 10% at a time


Readers must be wondering on the importance behind 10:10:10, which is publicized to relate more to frenzy scenes of marriage registry offices around the globe… 10:10:10 is actually a worldwide campaign to combat climate change by creating awareness for individuals to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Selangor state government is joining 10:10 Global team’s effort in promoting proactive actions that promote healthy lifestyle and reduce carbon emission. TRANSIT is pleased with the effort, and calls upon the public to join hand in hand to take positive action in tackling climate change by driving less, and by promoting the culture of walking, cycling and riding buses/trains. There are areas of improvements that the state ought to focus on, especially considering the lack of safe, universally accessible and continuous pedestrian and bicycle path network in many towns and cities in Selangor. TRANSIT hopes through the campaign, the state government will be able to push local authorities to create vibrant and livable communities through effective legislation and implementation of bylaws that emphasize on community-friendly mobility planning and urban designs that facilitate the movement of people, not vehicles.

You can offer insights and ideas via Selangor’s 10:10 facebook website.


The State Government's-endorsed campaign is planned to run until 31 Dec 2010. TRANSIT wishes to invite everyone to participate in the global effort to ward climate change. Taking the public transport can be a great step in achieving that.


Here is the official statement from the Selangor State Government’s exco for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment on the campaign:

Since taking office in 2008, protecting and preserving the environment for the state is the utmost important task in hand.  From committing in maintaining the minimum 30% of forest cover amidst of development pressure, to the successful implementation of the No Plastic Bag Day campaign, our policy is simple and clear, putting the agenda of sustainable development in our policy.

We are working closely with the team from 10:10 Global to launch 10:10 Selangor.  The campaign aims to highlight the climate change issue and how the people, as individuals or groups, can contribute in this climate change agenda. We would like to promote sustainable lifestyle that everyone can adopt today with minimal efforts.  Campaign is planned to run until 31 Dec 2010.

The planned activities to achieve our objective are as follows:

10:10 Selangor Checklist

A list of 10 simple action items that everyone in Selangor can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

10/10/10 Global with Party

On the 10th of October, we join with the thousands actions around the globe in doing a project that can promote healthy lifestyle and reduce carbon emission.

TRANSIT calls on all nature lovers to observe the following tips:


Fly less, holiday more

Swap plane for train, holiday nearer to home and take fewer but longer trips – dramatically reducing carbon emissions


Save 10% on air-con

Turn up your thermostat of the air-conditioning to 25 degrees and above.

Or try the fan and natural air


Save 10% on electricity

Save big cash by changing to energy saving light bulbs, replacing old fridges & irons and always turning stuffs off, not just standby. Compare with last year’s bill


Drive less

Leave your car at home one day a week.  Walk, cycle or take public transport.  Car-pool to work


Eat better

Local organic fruit & vegetable produce the least emissions – and the less processed the better.  Try one meat-free day per week.


Buy good stuff

Less stuff made = less emissions = less climate damage.  So buy high-quality things that last, repair broken stuffs rather than throwing, buy & sell second-hand items


Dump less

Avoid excess packaging and reduce, reuse & recycle everything possible and compost your scraps. Say no to plastic bags


Don’t waste food

The average Malaysian family throws away RM100 worth of food every month.  So don’t buy or cook more than you need and eat up those tasty leftovers.


Don’t waste water

Your tap water uses lots of energy – and then heating it in your home uses loads more – so take showers instead of baths, collect rainwater for plants and only run a full bin washing machine.


Feel happier

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