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KTM Update: ETS starts revenue operations on 12 August 2010

TRANSIT was pleasantly surprised to note that the KTM Electric Train Service (ETS) began operations on 11 August 2010. This was “a day ahead of schedule” (from one perspective), as compared to a long-awaited and long delayed service (from another perspective).

As you can imagine, we at TRANSIT have been following the news and the forums to do our best to get you the information that you need about the ETS service. So here you go, from photos to articles to information.


For those of you who are bookmarking, the website for ETS is and we will include this link in our list of weblinks.

Ticket Counters

Kuala Lumpur Railway station (and ETS HQ) – Main Lobby – +603 2272-3392
Kuala Lumpur Sentral – Level 2 – +603 2272 3392
Ipoh Railway Station – Main Lobby – +605 254 0481
Seremban Railway Station – Lobby – +606 781 4421

On-board Facilities

  • Cafe Car and trolley service
  • LED televisions at both ends of each carriage
  • Disabled friendly toilets and priority seating for OKU
  • Interior CCTV system for all coaches
  • Power socket (one for each seat row of 2 passengers)

ETS Brochure (outside) courtesy of @myf282828

The outside of the brochure for the new ETS between Ipoh & Seremban. Image courtesy of @myf282828

ETS Brochure (inside) courtesy of @myf282828

scan of the inside of the ETS brochure, showing schedule and fare table. Image courtesy of @myf282828

ETS Fare Table courtesy of ETS Sdn. Bhd. via @Bukhrin

ETS fare table courtesy of ETS Sdn. Bhd. via @Bukhrin

ETS First Day photos courtesy of @TWK90

photos from the first official revenue ETS train between KL and Ipoh courteys of @TWK90


According to ETS Sdn. Bhd. Business Class seats are coming to the ETS “soon.”

TRANSIT knows that KTM has plans to expand the ETS to Butterworth as soon as the double-tracking is completed and the trains are available.


9 replies on “KTM Update: ETS starts revenue operations on 12 August 2010”

Will be trying it in September.
Does anyone know if the discount for senior citizens applies to this service as it does for KTMB Shuttle?

Amazing for now…I do really hope KTMB would revise back fares for medium distance journey e.g Tg malim – KL( which is now RM 18). KTM has replied that they are more focusing on long journey rather than medium/short, so that is why the fare is much expensive for medium/short journeys. KTM should realise that a train from Ipoh/KL will not be full in the first station itself. There are lots of ppl who are travelling to KL from Tg Malim. A morning train from Ipoh is only half occupied when it reaches Tg Malim. No one would take ETS from Tg Malim to KL since the fare is so expensive. But mind KTM, that they should focus how they can occupy more passengers in a train. If it’s only half occupied, I doubt KTM would make profit out of this. It’s better to give cheaper fares and more people would use it. Look at AirAsia, they are more concerned in occupying the most number of seats in each flight. KTM should learn this.

P.S-Lots of ppl from Tg Malim use bus (which is RM 7) and reach KL within an hour

How can i purchase the ets ticket from kampar to kl sentral? On the spot purchase at kampar station? N schedule for the train. Thanks!

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