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KTM Tg Pagar station (in Singapore) to move to Woodlands by 1 July 2011 (Update#1)

In a move that will come as a surprise to many following public transport, the Malaysian media are reporting that the KTM station in Tanjung Pagar, Singapore, will be relocated to the Woodlands Checkpoint on 1 July 2011.

This is part of the Points of Agreement (POA) signed in 1990 on the status of the Tanjung Pagar railway station and the KTM railway lands in Singapore, between Woodlands and Tg Pagar –  at the time it was only decided that the station at Tg. Pagar would be relocated, but not where it would be relocated to.

Articles & Commentary:

The articles, blog posts and commentary below reflect feedback on the transfer of the Tg. Pagar railway lands from KTM to the proposed M-S Pte. Ltd. entity, to be jointly owned by Khazanah (60%) of Malaysia and Temasek (40%) of Singapore.

TRANSIT will give more details as we have the information.

One reply on “KTM Tg Pagar station (in Singapore) to move to Woodlands by 1 July 2011 (Update#1)”

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