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Malaysian company to invest in “creative” rail project in Indonesia

On 1 December 2009, TRANSIT tweeted about a news segment which announced that Malaysian company Pembinaan Aktif Gemilang (PAG) was going to be involved in a revolutionary solar-powered Hydrogen High Speed Rail superhighway project in West Java, Indonesia.

Apparently this project has all of the solutions that we could ever ask for…high-speed rail that is environmentally friendly…and of course the project would be privately financed.

TRANSIT was obviously intrigued by this never-before mentioned rail transport technology, so we did some searching and came up with the following articles and a few websites, which included photos/drawings of the train and guideway.

Please note that this posting is not an endorsement or comment – just an exploration of ‘creative’ ideas and technology!

A perspective image of a section of the rail. Image courtesy of Interstate Traveler Company
Segment of the rail guideway showing conduit clusters. Image courtesy of Interstate Traveler.
The 'hydroponic highway'. Image courtesy of Interstate Traveler.
The Passenger rail vehicle. Image courtesy of Interstate Traveler.


We at TRANSIT support innovation but we will reserve comment for the moment. Perhaps you can tell us what you think about this rail project.

For those of you who think the project is crazy, be warned. The government of Malaysia gave serious consideration to Aerorail/Aerobus for KL and the government of Malacca is moving forward with their own Aerorail project.

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