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2010 Budget Wishlist

TRANSIT notes that the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak will be delivering the 2010 Budget on 23 October 2009, exactly 3 weeks from today.

This afternoon, we noted an article in the Star newspaper, PM invites public to give ideas for budget 2010

“Encouraged by the many responses and comments I have received previously via this website, once again I seek your compact suggestions this week on what measures or incentives may be included in the budget.

“Suggestions should be specific and focus on how we can move to become a high level income nation and also relate to the six NKRAs (National Key Result Areas),” Najib said in his blog


At first glance, we would not think that 3 weeks would be enough to receive and compile and evaluate feedback from the public related to the National Budget…and frankly, we thought this was no more than a PR exercise.

But, on the other hand, the National Budget is a process, one that begins with the previous budget and continues until the next budget.  The tabling of the 2010 Budget is only the PM’s proposal to Parliament, and it must be debated and voted on first.

For this reason, we want to encourage people to give their feedback about the 2010 Budget and share suggestions here.

Should the budget include funding for the Sg. Buloh to Cheras line? Monorail and KTM Komuter fleet expansion? Better salaries for bus drivers? Tax credits for public transport users? Or other measures?

Please note:

The Opposition DAP has continued with their tradition of an Alternative Budget which they revealed on 7 October.

The Alternative 2010 Budget is available in .pdf form at this link. A description of public transport related components of the Alternative Budget, with comments from TRANSIT can be found here.

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