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Hygiene & Cleanliness – the straps

With the presence of H1N1 and renewed efforts by the Ministry of Health to remind people to keep themselves clean and prevent disease, TRANSIT took a survey of the RapidKL LRT system.

We really have to ask, what is that black stuff stuck in the grooves of the hand straps of the Kelana Jaya line trains?

A handstrap from a RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line LRT train - does anyone know what the black stuff is? Whether it is safe or not?
A handstrap from a RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line LRT train - does anyone know what the black stuff is? Whether it is safe or not?

And now for something completely disgusting ….

TRANSIT also takes note of 3 letters sent by patrons of RapidKL who suffered skin infection or allergy after sitting on seats in RapidKL’s Kelana Jaya line trains – the same source of those wonderfully cruddy porous rubber straps shown above.


It may just be that the cause of the reported infections was a single passenger who was careless about their own personal hygiene.  It could be an allergic reaction to a person’s sweat or insects/mites residing in the crevices of the train seats.

However, the onus is on RapidKL to maintain cleanliness and for this reason,  TRANSIT calls upon RapidKL to do the following:

  • Initiate a proper audit of cleanliness on RapidKL trains;
  • Replace all porous rubber hand straps with plastic straps;
  • Introduce antibacterial paint/surface coatings on grab bars;
  • Introduce an independent inspection program that checks bacteria levels on seats, handstraps, ticket vending machines and other surfaces on a regular basis;
  • Make the results of those inspections public;

TRANSIT also reminds patrons to:

  • Maintain hygienic practices by avoiding contact with surfaces-use handkerchiefs or tissues if you must touch grab bars/straps, etc.;
  • Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer gel, especially after touching surfaces;
  • Wear appropriate clothing or use a handkerchief to cover seats – avoid skin to seat contact if possible; 
  • Take adequate precautions such as wearing a mask if you are displaying symptoms of allergies, infections or influenza-like illness.

5 replies on “Hygiene & Cleanliness – the straps”

the hand strap in KJL train now cleaner than before. that’s from my observation during my 3 days in KL last weekend.

Just noticed today that the old, thick and smelly straps have been replaced by new ones : they are slimmer, more rigid and red. A definite improvement!

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