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Updates #18


1. Taxi drivers dictate terms and conditions (The Star) – a report about the behaviour of taxi drivers in different parts of the Klang Valley during the changeover period to the new meters.

Hotspots for taxi touting behaviour - image courtesy of The Star
Hotspots for taxi touting behaviour - image courtesy of The Star

2. Some cabbies asking for goodwill fee (The Star) – a report about the tactics of some drivers, asking for a goodwill fee. This is in contrast to the comments from Aslah Abdullah, president of the Federal Territory and Selangor Taxi Operators’ Association, where he states that people need not pay an additional fee if the meter is not upgraded.

[TRANSIT: Print out that article and keep it with you when you go to the taxi stand. See how effective it will be.] 

3. Taxi drivers fuming at meter delay (NST) – more information about the complaints of taxi drivers.

4. CAB FARE INCREASE: Most taxis using meters (Malay Mail) – The Malay Mail’s reporter is pleasantly surprised to see that most taxi cab drivers are now using the meter. [TRANSIT: How long will it last?]

5. CAB FARE INCREASE: Good times for cabbies (Malay Mail) – The Malay Mail gets comments from taxi drivers about the increase and how they are coping with the wait to get the meters recalibrated.

6. CAB FARE INCREASE: It’s highway robbery (Malay Mail) – Complaints about the new fares and the cost that passengers have to pay.

7. Stepping up enforcement to ensure cabbies don’t cheat (NST) – The JPJ announces that it will step up enforcement on cab drivers and reminds passengers that they should not pay a surcharge, tip, or goodwill fee.  If the taxi does not have a new meter, then they charge the old rates. [TRANSIT: We wonder, where is the CVLB in all of this? Do they just make announcements and then disappear?]

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